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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rockaby Wednesday! ;-)

First, Happy Wednesday!  Hump-Day is here, baby!  So, as always, put some diggity in it!

Second, I heard this song on the 80s XM station yesterday but have been living at the super pace of Edward [swoon].  Anyhow, I'm here waiting on a notary job to be emailed to me that should have already been here and/or be here at any second and I thought in the meantime I'd share this!

I'm totally thinking the next magical gadget I get/ask for will have to be some type of iPod.  There are so many songs that I wish somehow I could have available at my convenience without having to be near Macxine.

Oh, don't get me wrong.  Macxine and I are tied together at the palm.  But, sometimes she doesn't travel so well with some of the errands I must tend to.  And, also, she doesn't plug into my stereo in the Chariot.

FYI, the weather has been "rock[aby]ing" and will continue through the weekend!  This is my time!  My season!  I've bloomed!  I've metamorphosed! My colorful wings are open wide and I'm flying to the sky!

Anyhoodle!  ROCKABY your DAY Y'ALL!  ;-)  And, don't forget to smile; it releases mood enhancers!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend you pay a visit to our pal Jay. Just one word: COWBOYS.

I'll be tied to my computer for the next 4 days, but very little of it blogging. Other responsibilities beckon.