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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some pics and some scoop

First off, lookie there!  See those rows all green and lined up and orderly?  You know what that means?  Money doesn't grow on trees but it does grow in a field.  Currently, it's a field of dimes I think.  But, as the crops grow, head out and put on a bunch of bowls, pop and are harvested -- I'm hoping this turns into some house and car payments. :-D

Here is a closer look at our babies.  We co-parent/family these little guys and dolls around here.  And, Mother Nature has been so generous with the water and rain.  The cotton and grain are just thriving!

'Know what this is a picture of?  The perfect footrest. :-)  It also serves as a foot massager when you rub your feet back and forth across it.  The texture and warmth are both really nice.  And, the footrest loves the attention.  It groans and growls if one tries to prop one's feet elsewhere.

I've written the Prologue for my 'story to tell' project.  I've started a first chapter.  Actually, I had a first chapter but going back over it I changed it all up and removed most of the dialogue as it was childish and I want the story to be for an older audience.  Mostly because I hear cursing in my mind...  The character, not me.

It's like I want to write it one way but she has something else to say.  Incredible.  Really, to just let my mind and fingers go like that.  I am in NO WAY ready at this time and place to post any hints and stuff like Lis does because..well, I feel inadequate.  But, I WILL share this tid-bit.  Chloe.  There, that's something.

I have to say I've really enjoyed it.  The writing, though I've only had about three days of it.  I  I must also say that I realized that Lis makes it look easy.  It's NOT easy. It's haaaard.  But, fun and challenging.

We have a dinner party to go to tonight.  I think it will be nice.  They are always wonderful hosts.

Me and WonderMom [I know, it should be WonderMom and I, but I'm breaking some grammatical rules.  Rebel I am and all, he he >;~D] hit the Goodwill store this morning and made out like bandits in the book department.  We are having a book swap at the school in a few weeks for the students.  Goodwill has tons of books at dirt cheap and today was 50% off Saturday on top of that!

Got the kids some WEBKINZ for a buck and a buck-fifty.  Got earings for the Lil'Gals and a pair for myself; along with some books for us to bring home.  I got "The Confident Writer", a Norton Handbook, for $1.00.  Yeppers!

Now that I've shared all this information with y'all I have to go hit the treadmill.  Why do they call it a treadmill anyhow?  I mean, it's really like a Treadtrack or a Treadbelt.  Am I right?

I have to make Farmer, Jr's costume for the book swap party.  The kids get to dress up like story book characters.  He wanted to be a Transformer but changed his mind [thank the Good Lord].  Then he wanted to be Flat Stanley, but Ninja Flat Stanley, not just regular'ol Flat Stanley.  I changed his mind [TTGL!]. ;-)

Now he is going as Mudge from the Henry and Mudge series.  Mudge is a Mastiff. :-D  THAT, I can do easily.

Next I have to craft Lil'Gal's birthday party invites.  That goes on next week's agenda though, as we are already half way through Saturday.

Life is good.  I am blessed.  We are happy.  Can't do better than that.  Happy Saturday!



Melissa said...

I began planting my seeds today! I won't have near the crop or responsibility as you all, but planting seeds, and watching them come up and get bigger and stronger, gives me such a squee-ish feeling.


I love your footrest, but what I can't get over are your feet! Green nail polish? Ankle bracelets? Toe rings? I'm jealous! I'm still wearing woolen socks - LOL!

And I am *really* thrilled for you that you are writing for yourself, and not as part of an assignment. I can't wait until you let me read a sneak peek. ;-D

Prohomemaker.Com said...

All caught up -- so behind in reading. Facebook, ya know.

But I have to tell you, every time you post a photo of your "yard" I am just amazed. First 'cause the scenery is so flat (California is all about hills), and just how *open* everything is.

Thanks for sharing :-)

Stuff could always be worse said...

Thanks for sharing, love the photos and the footrest!

Krishna said...

try half price books. sometimes they donate kids books and their sidewalk books for fundraisers. just a thought.

The Queen said...

the only things I miss about the farm are new crops and new calves.. MONEY MONEY MONEY... and we know I love money..