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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I should be getting dressed and painting myself decent enough to be seen in public -- but, here I am. I've been away for-evah this month. After doing so well last month. And, read a friend's blog? Who does that? [I do; but not the last 28 days or so.]

I'll be back to do that soon!

If I can just get through today/this week/next week/the Month of May, I'll be back on my game again, LOL!

Today is the school field trip. YAY! We get out of school early and I so totally need that.

CURRENT AGENDA: [Like that's the highlight of your day, reading what I am up to and trying to get accomplished. You know, that's a good idea. They should make that a reality game...  NOT about MEEE, but about Mom's racing against each other to get it all done, done well, and in less time! LOL!]

Anyhow, if I can get Lil'Gal's invites finished up today I can hand deliver most of them and get the house cleaned. Somewhere I need a grocery trip for the items still needed for the Pillsbury party I'm hosting tomorrow night for about 10 - 15 ladies.

7:30 Saturday morning I should be back over in B town at the school to help run the rummage sale until noon/3:pm, depending on how it all 'closes down'. Then home to iron Farmer, Jr.'s shirt for his first communion on Sunday. Oh, and I still have to haul my @$$ into town to get him a gift for that.

Next week is Teacher Appreciation week and I will be cooking up two meals for the teachers at this point; hopefully, a few of the other parents (besides WonderMom and myself) will be able to help out. I can think of one or two or three who I'm pretty sure will sign-up. That's a good thing. ;-)

Once next week is completed, I'll finally have a down week. Looking forward to it.

Then? Back to the grind with preps for Lil'Gal's 7th birthday party and then the grind down of all the end of school activities.

THEN? SUMMER!! YAY! Wait, I have to pack the day the kids get out of school... Will life ever slow down????

Anyhow, I will get back to blogging and blog hopping here sooooooon. Here are some possible future blog posts:

PWEW! What's that smell?
On NO she DIDN'T?
Metabolism doesn't play fair....

"WHAAAAAT?" [muffled hollering in the background...] "OH KAY ALREADY!"

Gotta run! Life is calling!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

Ugh -- so glad once again I don't have kids. :-)

Good luck with this week.

And funny enough, the verification word is "hotsho" ... pretty dang close


Baseball Mom said...

See you again in 28 days. [giggle] I feel ya though. When is the last day of school for yours. Our last day got moved up by 5 days.

Have a good one!!

alice said...

Your life isn't boring at least.;)

Hang in there girl. We only have a little more before the real fun begins!