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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Turning [the] Page

Mornin' folks!

Happy Tuesday :-) Hope you woke on the right side of the world this morning. I slept pretty well with exception to the full moon shining in the windows. (Yes we have blinds but I was in the living room)

Today is my first official subbing assignment at Primary. Well, second as Mrs. M already has me signed up to cover for her in the library next month while she is attending a conference. But, today is my first actual assignment. So, I'm excited with exception to the circumstances which brought it about.

I'm signed up for the rest of the week as she wasn't sure when she'd be returning.

With that I'm kinda' scrambling to finish my BFF Les' invitations for her 40th birthday/congrats on getting your Masters Degree party her mom and I are hosting at the end of the month. THAT was supposed to have been finished but kids needed pants and socks and undies so I had to tend to the laundry last night. I'm carting my stuff with me and should be able to finish this evening to put in tomorrow's mail.

So, I get a check there. :-)

I'd better eat me some breakfast and prep-up for the kids breakfast so I'll leave you with another song I just can't 'not' listen to. [And, YES, I do realize it is off the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and some of you won't want to listen just because you are Twilight boycotters BUT don't diss the artist just because you can't pick a team] :-P

This is a beautiful song and with that I leave you 'Turning Page' by Sleeping At Last...

Happy Tuesday!

Note: this song isn't available on iTunes unless you purchase the whole album. Which I want anyhow, but just and FYI to the rest of you. :-)


1 comment:

Melissa said...

I *love* this song! So beautiful. :-D