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Monday, March 19, 2012

Slaying the amphibious dragon...

This week is going to be a dragon. An amphibious one. This week's agenda involves slaying Godzilla. And, I don't even mean this Godzilla:

I mean the new and improved Godzilla:

Its funny because Saturday evening the kids and I watched the newest version of Godzilla on cable. My nephew on my brother's side loves these type of movies - even/especially the budget japanese films with all the other radioactive creatures that Godzilla has to save the world from before he wreaks his own havoc on it.

And, that is when it hit me. With mom's surgery and every other day this week booked up with stuff, and mom's pre surgery stuff, and co-pays (that are always more than expected). And, the fact that she is currently ill and also having some major dental work done before Thursday's surgery is just crazy wild - wild like an angry dragon on the loose. And, while I'm fine with it I feel this clenching in my chest.

Hubby has been busting his pie in the field. He leaves about 6:15 and isn't getting home until 10:pm. So this slaying thing is pretty much up to me - he's slaying his own thing - the fields.

And, it seems this other stuff keeps popping up, like Godzilla's den of eggs hatching and adding their own little attempts at destruction. And, everyone knows I'm not good with the unexpected or things 'popping' up. I'm a planner - my calendar is scheduled six months out. I already have dinner planned out for this week. I don't have time nor do I handle hungry, destructive baby dragons hatching unexpectedly.

With mom being ill (although her doctor put her on antibiotics immediately) I feel like I'm on hold - we are on hold - for Thursday. Which adds more anxiety. Is she actually going to be able to have this surgery? Is it going to go as planned? Is it going to help or hinder? It's like I just want Thursday here already.

On the up note, I'm pretty sure I can slay this guy. Maybe I'll call my ten year old nephew for some tips. I'll google on the iPad 'how to slay a dragon' and 'martial arts for beginners' and then hopefully by Saturday, we'll be serving up beer battered dragon. I heard they taste like chicken.

Just so long as there aren't any stray eggs left around to hatch and catch me off guard. Maybe I can find them first and then scramble them up for breakfast... Anyone had scrambled dragon?

So, that's my week in a nut shell. What are you slaying?

Happy Monday (wish it was Sunday, just another manic....)



Glass Half Full Gal said...

And, with this, they called me while at Primary to sub for one of the coaches on both campuses - and, I did. And, I had a blast!

Apparently slaying dragons and those unexpected hatches can be fun! Who knew!? :-P

Glass Half Full Gal said...

And, the eggs are hatching... *sigh*