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Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy like a Champion

I woke up this morning with this song in my head; and I thought, "I feel like a champ! And, I made it!" Well, almost anyhow - I still have to sub for 4th grade today but that'll be fun and keep me on my toes.

Just as I was thinking that song was actually a little anticlimactic and I obviously still have a some 'climactic' in my day, this song popped into my head as I grabbed my Rith mug full of coffee (Gary Rith made it for me and it holds my entire 4 cup carafe) and headed to the bathroom to dress and paint myself pretty. And, after all, this song is a little more befitting an early Friday morning and pre-Friday afternoon:

I mean if Elton John and Billy Joel can't get you jumping then you mine as well just crawl back under the covers and hide your face with a pillow.

As most of y'all know today is my first day to sub at the Intermediate campus and apprehensive at first, after meeting with FJ's teacher whom I'm subbing for today I thought, "I got this." Because at the end of the day? I rock my life and I'm a champion.

And, yes, I might be a little crazy. [That's the only way to balance the other side of myself - you know, uptight? Ducks in a straight line? Ts crossed and Is dotted?] :-P

I'm witty, odd and love to throw out all my colloquialisms (big word for 5:30 in the morning don't y'all think? ha ha) in the end - I own it. All of it. Because tis the crazy champion I am.

Okay, enough rambling and introspect. Which are you today? Are you a champion or are you crazy or are you like me and just the right amount of both?

Happy FWFD OTW! Squeeeeeeee!!


1 comment:

Baking Ribbons said...

Love Freddie Mercury! Thanks for the post. Hope your mom is going to be ok.