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Thursday, March 15, 2012

CALLUM: The Cursed Clan

Sounds good already right?

I've had the awesome opportunity to review several ARCs from this author, Melissa Schroeder. Some of which were quite x-rated, erotic reads. This book is an exception to that. Meaning, it is more of a sensual romance novel - but no worries, Melissa went heavy on the sensual. :-D

Callum Lennen is basically the leader of the McLennan clan. Although he's generations old due to a curse put on his clan, along with his cousins who are his only remaining family, he's ageless. Or, at least he's stopped aging.

He has other talents too, I mean gifts, that come with the curse. [Don't worry, he is quite talented but those have nothing to do with the curse, if you catch my drift.] And that Scottish accent? *Swoon*

The curse is something he and his family have been researching to find a way to break once and for all. So they can all lead normal lives and not be trapped like this forever. Enter Phoebe Chilton. An expert in the field of archeology although her true love is the study of celtic relics and their legends.

Callum needs Phoebe to interpret a secret diary he has come to own; a witches diary. Phoebe is hoping this is her big chance to break out on her own - away from her parents rule and away from archeology so that she can finally make a career studying her true passion. Both have secrets they aren't sharing.

Of course, in the beginning their working relationship is quite restricted and obstinate. He's a hard@$$ who's used to being in charge and is skeptical of Dr. Chilton. Though, Phoebe doesn't buckle under his hard eyes and tone. Callum hates this as much at it intrigues him.

I loved this story by Melissa Schroeder. If you like romance novels with a twist and some mystery and some 'sensual' then this is the book for you! But be prepared, one read of Melissa Schroeder and you'll be hooked - her books are like 'sensual' addictions. :-P

Thank you to Melissa Schroeder and her wonderful PA, Brandy Walker, for sharing another great novel!


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