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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mom's Cervical Surgery: Corpectomy

Mom is having surgery next week. Kind of out of the blue, at least for me. She had a cervical fusion about 15 years ago; but opted out of the full thing due to a) it was a newer procedure, and b) my brother was only about two years old and she didn't want to chance being a quadriplegic.

This is still a fear and concern. But, my brother is now 17 and mom can't tolerate the pain anymore. Mom has a lot of pain issues. Most of which were exacerbated or added to when she was thrown from the ambulance she was working in as an EMT one morning about 11 years ago. She wasn't only thrown from it but as it continued to roll it actually smashed her into a ditch. Think cartoons where the character leaves an impression in the dirt/floor. Yeah, like that.

It is amazing she even survived - I can't believe it still myself. It shattered her pelvis and her one wrist. It put her whole body in a frenzy. Fibromyalgia along with any other flaming issue that one could incur.

She's dealt with this as best she can however over the years she has become more and more degenerated. This is difficult for her because a) she's very independent and doesn't like not being able to do things for herself and b) its freakin' painful. She's in a power chair and sleeps on a hospital bed. She's never completely out of pain - and anyone can tell that just by being around her.

So, I understand and am proud that she is making the jump to have at least something done that the doctors and surgeons are offering as a solution and some relief. There are still extreme risks though. Quadriplegia and/or the worst - something goes wrong while she's on the table. We've discussed all this.

Here is pretty much what they are going to do (warning, some of this is really graphic):

Pretty incredible. Pretty scary. With mom, her disks are in such delicate condition that they could burst - I'm sure they are more than bulging at this point in time. We are still unsure of what her range of motion will be after having this done. Her biggest hope though, is that she can get the use of her arms back without the never-ending degenerative pain.

Now that she's decided to have this done she says she can hardly stand to count down the days. I don't blame her. My tendonitis acts up in my left elbow and I have a small pity party for myself because I can't pick up a gallon of milk. So, I can only imagine - no. Not really. I really can't.

This is what is on the agenda at the end of next week. It will be hairy because mom also has extreme sensitivity to a lot of the additives used in so many drugs. Some make her sick while others make her loopy and I mean like crazy loopy not goofy loopy. It's the lesser of two evils, I guess.

Anyhow, fingers crossed and put some prayers up there? This is going to be a good thing. So long as everything goes according to the plan.

Well, it is Wednesday (WHOOP! Hump-day!) and time to wake the family and feed the kids and get out the door and all of that.

Remember to smile (and the whole world smiles with you, as they say) :-D


1 comment:

Melissa said...

I did *not* know this about your mother! My mother suffers from degenerative disc disease and had this same procedure (as well as many others over the years). She recently underwent knee-replacement surgery and is still recovering in an in-patient facility. She'll have the other knee worked on as soon as she's able to withstand it.

And yes, it is EXTREMELY painful to be as incapacitated as they are.

I'll keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers.