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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Modern Substitute

Remember the days of substitutes back when we were kids?

They either gave you a lot of busy work or let you do pretty much whatever you wanted. Rarely did one come in that had a clue.

Although, when I was in high school there was a change in the teaching industry. Suddenly, teachers were in their mid twenties to early 30s and they were also typically good looking.

<----------- FYI, did you read the cartoon? Ms. Eggbeaters? BAWWW-HAAAA-haaaaa! Cracked me up! Ha! Did it again! Okay, enough of the egg jokes.

I remember sitting in class snickering with my friends about how 'hawt' the male substitute was. Oh, and that's another thing. There are WAY more male teachers now days then I remember back when I was in school.

Things have changed. Being new to substituting myself I've discovered that it is really pretty cool. Of course, I'm special because my first week long assignment has been in the library. Not just any ol'substitute can pick up a library job. :-P You have to be 'assigned' the job - and lucky for me, I've been well trained by both the kids campus librarians. Being a library sub is AWESOME! Non-stop busy but awesome!

Technology is so awesome in the subbing program. Last week when I'd wake up I'd go to the website that I'm signed up with to see what jobs in our district, across the campuses I chose to sub at, were available. Seeing as I'm up at 4:30, and check regularly, I'd see the first posts as soon as they became available. Unfortunately, I was already booked up and unable to take any of the assignments.

And, after this week, I need next week to get my household back on track. But, if I see a nice half day assignment I'll probably snatch it up. And, I can do that with the 'click' of my mouse. It's like I wake up and think, "I feel like working today. Oh look, there's a half day in first grade for Ms. So-And-So. [CLICK]" And, I'm working that day. The flexibility is awesome!

And, the schools need their subs. Friday Lil'Gal's campus was short subs. And, Farmer, Jr's class never got one for his homeroom teacher. I totally would have picked that up for her but I was already volunteering at Lil'Gal's campus and then she had a weird tummy ache and we both had to go home at half day.

Anyhow, if you are looking for some part time, flexible work, and enjoy children/kids - I'd suggest you check with your kids school district and/or campus and look into substitute teaching. [If you could land yourself a library assignment - that'd be the bomb! So get to know the librarian. And, believe me they need the help too!]

I've thoroughly enjoyed this week. It started out hectic-crazy. I was checking in  and checking out books faster than a concession stand rings up food and beverages at a Super Bowl game. Seriously. That busy. And, then in addition to that I had to finish up the bulletin board I had started last week for our Super AR readers, and Ms. M gets bus duty [hall monitoring as the kids make their way to their bus lines.] I love it when the kids look up at me with smiling faces. Or, acknowledge me in the hallway (they always know my name or at least who's mom I am but I often only know their face - after all, there's 1100 of them) with a 'Hi Ms. FW!' Or an, 'I saw you in the library!' Or even better, 'The book you recommended is so funny! I got a 100 on my AR test!' Yep. Love it.

It's been a long week and I'm super-pooped. Or, at least I will be when the day finally comes to an end and my duties are done. But it has totally been worth it. And, I have to say - FUN.

Welp. Time to wake up my own youngins and feed them and get us all out the door. It's FWFD OTW!
Make it a great one!



Melissa said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself! Teachers at our school will start requesting subs that have a good reputation, and those subs become a definite hot commodity. I can definitely see you being one of the more popular subs. ;-)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I should have gotten into subbing in our last school district. I was being pulled in multiple directions at the time and never got myself on the list. But I always did enjoy volunteering in the library when the kids were young. It helps if you like the librarian!