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Thursday, May 10, 2012

[The Big] PUSH

Tomorrow is Friday. Final grading day for the kids. My friend Leslie is getting her 'hooding' for her Masters Degree. My friend Carrie is doing the same and celebrating on Saturday.

I feel like doing the same for my kids. I swear this year was like working towards our Master's Degree in 3rd and 4th grade. (Okay, all due respect, not THAT hard. But still, third go round of third grade and second go round of 4th was harder than the first round 31 years ago).

Next week is full throttle. Everyday there is an event at the school. After that Farmer, Jr. will have testing for his issue that we are thinking is related to disgraphia. The poor boy gets SO. FRUSTRATED. He hits himself in the head and calls himself dumb.

Lil'Gal will also be turning 9. Luckily she chose a bowling party which basically means I make her an awesome cake of her design and then we show up and they staff does everything else. That'll be nice. In addition it is her Godmother's birthday. (Lil'Gal was born one day before).

So next week, well from here on out as it has been, is going to be a big PUSH.

Errands today
Set up book fair tomorrow
Hooding tomorrow evening
Field trip/Tour for Girl Scouts to the Animal Care Services Center
Farmer, Jr. additional two hour testing with the specialist (poor boy)
Bake Lil'Gal's birthday cakes and freeze for frosting and decorating later in the week
Another party tomorrow evening
Possibly fishing for Mother's Day (not looking forward to waking at 5:30)
Monday: Work book Fair
Tuesday: Awards at Primary
Wednesday: Water park day at Primary/Make cupcakes for Lil'Gal's class for her birthday
Thursday: Lil'Gal's birthday. Daddy takes her flowers; we have lunch with her
Thursday: Decorate Lil'Gal's cake
Friday: Breakfast and stuff with Sweet D for her birthday
Friday: Last day of school; have Diva and FJ's buddy over after school and then wine with the moms
Saturday: Lil'Gal's birthday party
Sunday: SLEEP

Oh, and then add in all the usual daily routine :-P

So, PUSH [Matchbox Twenty]




Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Disgraphia is a tough thing for a boy to deal with. Hope the testing reveals something that y'all can work with and make things easier on F-Jr.

PS to Farmer, Jr: You are NOT dumb! The rest of us just haven't yet figured out how to do things your way.

Glass Half Full Gal/Farmers.Wife said...

Karen, you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for that insightful comment. :-) Especially, from a mom with a house full of boys.