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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dancing Naked in Dixie, Lauren Clark

This is the second novel I've read by this author. I read her debut novel, 'Stay Tuned' having received it for free or at a reduced rate from Pixel of Ink (which I follow on Facebook). Although not as intense as other romantic comedies I've read, I found the characters and the MC intriguing and I submerged myself into the MCs life wondering just what would happen and how her lie would go. I have to say I was happily incorrect about how things would end. Usually, I tend to figure out the ending early into the book so it is nice to be surprised.

Obviously I was excited at the opportunity to receive Lauren Clark's second novel 'Dancing Naked in Dixie' as and advanced reading copy. (I also follow this author on Facebook). This novel was just as much fun of a read as 'Stay Tuned'. Being from South Texas I giggled quite often with Julia's little incidents having no experience with the South. The fire ant scene especially made me giggle (and maybe cringed a little too; those suckers hurt).

Julia Sullivan, the MC and a travel writer, enters the scene in a whirlwind. She's been living her life and her job somewhat recklessly. Although she thinks she's managing quite well - with exception of her office space being a disaster area and the fact that she hasn't had time to set up her new iPhone which of course, would bring everything under organized control (at least that is her expectation) - she discovers through the story that she isn't managing well at all. In fact, she's pretty much a reckless mess.

Running late as usual both to the office and for her submission deadline she is hit with another shocker that may very well cost her her job. In an effort to save her job she resentfully heads to a little town in Alabama that in her opinion doesn't even make the map. Especially when she is used to traveling abroad and writing about 'exciting' places not small town Southern USA.

As the story unfolds Julia becomes acquainted with the town, its history, its people, and even a scandal. There are characters we want to love and characters we like to hate.

Great read, fun characters, and maybe a stolen kiss. I'll be reading more by this author. And, you might want to check her out too!



Lauren Clark said...

Thanks so much! Love that you laughed about my "reckless mess" of a heroine, Julia Sullivan! She's dear to my heart, as is the setting of Eufaula, Alabama!

As a reader, I do like to be surprised at the end, too -- so I'm glad I made it happen for you this time :)

I sincerely appreciate you reviewing the ARC for Dixie!

xx, Lauren Clark

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

FW, this looks like a fun read.

Laura PW said...

Had the chance to read an ARC too and it's fabulous! Perfect summer beach read!