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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lil'Gal's Birthday: 9 years in a photo shoot

My Lil'Gal turns nine-years-old today. Following her brother who just turned ten in January. I wish digital would have been the quality back then that it is now. Because I have tons of other pictures from when she was toddling around - but they are either in a scrapbook or filed with their negatives.

These are a few I [snapped a pic of with my iPhone] found around the house:

Toddling in the cotton...

<----------- I loved, LOVED, loved that outfit. Little denim and gingham overalls with cherries on it. And, she wore these adorable sandals I got from Payless with tiny cherries that matched.

I still have the outfit and the sandals stored away...

Should have been on the cover of a parenting magazine

Every Gal needs a little help now and then...

Adorable, right?

When they used to get along :-P

And a few from the hard drive :-)

It's all about the music Mom

My Cowkids <3

BFFs :-D

Self Photo Shoot

Me and Lil'Gal "We've Got Spirit!"

Livestock Show 2012

Honor Roll Student
That's my Lil'Gal in a scrolling photo shoot!

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday Lil'Gal! Momma and Daddy love you bunches!!



Melissa said...

Aw . . . she is just too adorable. Happy birthday, Lil Gal! :-D

shoreacres said...

Happy Birthday to Lil' Ga1! Those are some great photos - especially the ones with her brother, although I must say that's one of the finest mama and daughter shots I've seen.

I'm glad I discovered it's a special day - I hope it was wonderful.