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Friday, May 18, 2012

VACATION and a little 80's flashback!

So, it's here! FRIDAY! The best-test Friday of each year; followed by Casino Night hosted by Robstown Hardware each year!

Today is FWFD OTW AND EOS! Translation (most of y'all know how to read my self-made an acronyms for for those who don't) Farmer's Wife's Favorite Day  Of The Week and End of School!!!

I was going to play 'School's Out For Summer'. But let's face it. I've probably over used that over the last several years.

Anyhow, hopefully as y'all are reading this I'm taking Sweet D to breakfast (after having dropped the kids or their final day), and for a pedicure for her birthday. Then, I'm picking up the kids BFFs and they are coming out to PAR-TAY and play as school is out. The moms, Miss Les and Ms. Susan, are coming out after work for some snacks, wine and probably some dinner. Celebrating the cessation of escuela for actually 8 weeks!!

Don't think I'm totally off the hook though. Farmer, Jr. is signed up during our free week two days for testing (for tutoring and evaluation of the disgraphia issue which has caused him so many problems academically - although, he made A-B honor roll this final six weeks :-D).

And, Lil'Gal has recital practice, recital photos to be taken, FJ still has guitar lessons and the dogs both have appointments at the vet but either way there will be no more. And, I mean NO.  MORE. FW waking up at 4:30 - for a long, long, long time. :-D

Although we have 17 days of travel starting the next week with only a three day drop by the house for laundry in between: Frio, Alabama, Georgia. Then, another week off and I take the kids to see Grandpa for a week in Arkansas. Still fun. And, no homework. And, no must-be-set-in-stone bedtime routine. And, many mornings of peaceful rest.

With that I leave you with an 80s music flashback that are always fun! So, I'm going to GO-GO and have some FUN-FUN while the kids have their last day of SCHOOL... You get it.

Happy FWFD OTW and EOS!!!!!!! *Super-Squeeeeeeee*


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