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Monday, December 12, 2011

Caught in an Electronic Noose

Long gone are the days of the noose, or are they?

I have to say, in my own technological way, I got myself in quite a pickle. Or, as I like to refer to it, an electronic noose. Follow along closely because it gets quite complicated even though it is actually a simple issue. Of course, those simple issues tend to have a high end $ fix.

So, like - I dunno' - five - six weeks ago? It was in October when the new iPhone 4S came out and iCloud was released as a free upgrade for the rest of our iGadgets as well, I went on full out update mode. Y'all remember I was all up in a cloud of my own. I updated EVERYTHING. The iPhone. The iPad. Kid #1 iPod Touch. Kid #2 iPod touch. I emailed the Hubby the link and the SIL. This was a very big thing. I updated MIL's iPad to sync with the iCloud and her iPhone. I was on an 'i' update mission.

After reading the awesomely coolness of apple's new operating system LION OS  I decided that I deserved and would put this new OS to good use. So, I purchased it and waited the next 12 - 16 hours for it to download and install. Then, I got reeeeeaaaally, really busy and wasn't home enough to play with it, for weeks.

When, I did get to play with it I discovered that we don't have a time capsule (we no longer use apple airport, etc for our wireless in the house. Hubby had the tech guys make changes to speed up our internet - this I did not know). When I found out we didn't have the time capsule I realized I couldn't back up, so I can't finish up with the boot camp assistant and in the end I can no longer access my word program because it was old in serious need of upgrading too and on parallels. I no longer need parallels and the old word required them. *sigh*

FYI, when I asked the Hubster why we didn't have the time capsule he replied, "I didn't think we needed it." After a stern look from me, he added, "Well, I didn't need it." Grrrrr-diddle. >:-/ We totally need it. It automatically and wirelessly backs up all the computers in the house.

So, since then I've been holding off and running half mass of the awesomeness that is LION until I get the capsule (that runs about $200, there are cheaper ones but I want it to back up three LTs), to finish the upgrade to have Mac be totally awesome and up with the rest of my iDevices in the wonderful iCloud Steve Jobs left us with upon his regretted demise. [I miss him and his genius.]

Anyhow, my writing assignment ended up being turned in late because I couldn't open some docs in word and had to open and view via google docs so that I could type up my story and info via Pages on the iPad and then submit it via email. The cool thing though, when I went to the iCloud on the LT there were my documents. All nice and purdy and ready for me to down load.

NOTE: Lion comes with a great version of TextEdit which has the same features as word for the most part - but the navigation is a lot slower for me (a LOT slower) because I'm not familiar with it.

Anyhow, I love technology. And, I am lucky enough to have several devices to save me when I hang myself in an electronic noose. Don't blame the gadgets - this one is all on me.

Happy Monday!!



Melissa said...

I have to admit that half of what you're talking about went right over my head. LOL! I've heard you mention it before, but what the heck is a time capsule? Is this strictly an Apple thing?

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

A Time Capsule is like an external hard drive but it wirelessly backs up the computer/s in the house. You can schedule it to do so how ever many times a week you want. :-) But, it works with my new software and I have to back up before I can finish the process.

Even though, I am using some of the software features already.

shoreacres said...

Would you like to hear something funny, before I head back under my rock?

I have a PC running Vista. (It does have a nice flatscreen monitor, though). I have a laptop with a 17" screen that's not really portable, but it's function is to serve as a backup in case a hurricane takes out the house and my computer with it.

I have a cell phone.

I have a digital camera.

That's it.

I'm the Poor Little Matchgirl of electronics. But I'm happy!

And I think I'm happy for you, although I can't quite figure it all out....