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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taking TEN

I've been on this mission this week. Well, trying to incorporate a mission into my morning routine. Like I did in the old days, you know the waaaay old days when I actually posted a minimum of once a day - particularly in the mornings. My mornings have been rolled back by and hour and a half and filled with more things to be done. But, I've started taking ten.

I check the clock and do my FB updating/check-in while waiting on the coffee pot to brew. That's my get vertical time. Then, I keep a keen eye on the time while I paint myself a face and flip a curling iron in my hair. I catch the news and weather during that self-prep time and hopefully all things on task - I get to sneak back into the kitchen with about ten quiet, to myself, whatever I want minutes.

And, here I am. Taking my ten. Rambling to all of you (taking up part of your ten) about what's new, what is on the agenda and hopefully filling your mind with blossoms and sunshine. :-D

Unfortunately, on this particular morning it is cold outside. Very cold. I'm not talking typical Farmer*sWife complains because its 56 degrees which to a lot of y'all is spring time weather. I'm talking 29 degrees with wind chills in the lower 20s. Who can grow blossoms and sunshine in that $h!t?

Some people find the cold festive. I have kids to get to school and errands to run and I have to tell you this cold spell is pee-ing on my festive spirit. I'm feeling quite scroogy. Can one attend a secret Santa party with a tracking confirmation saying 'your gift will arrive on' because I'd prefer to hole up inside and handle life online today. :-P

I've consolidated my day into one errand after dropping the kids. One errand all the way in the 'city'. And, I'll be there early and have to wait for the store to open. But, it'll be worth it. Everything on the kids party lists will come from Barnes & Noble. Books for everyone. Gift cards for reading. Because when it is cold, I'm a one stop shopping kind of girl. And, Santa is all about the books.

FYI, while I wait thinking quietly to myself 'OP-en, OP-en, OP-en' I'll be finishing the latest book on my kindle. 'Cuz I'm all cool that way. I've only got 15 more to go to get my to 50 read this year. And, I've still got 20 plus days to go.

Happy Hump-Day! Put some dignity in it. And, thanks for sharing ten with me this morning. :-)



Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do anything at that time in the morning. I'm not even out of bed until 7am at this time of year (6 in the summer if it's light).

But the blossoms and sunshine were more than welcome! Enjoy your day and wrap up warm :)

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

"It isn't without difficulty." tee hee her! Totally, had to use that line!! :-P

Melissa said...

Oh, geeze. I totally know that line. LOL! I'm completely with you about the cold, though, although it's not so bad if the sun it shining. It's the cold and wet that does me in 'cause, "I don't like cold, wet things." Boo-ya!