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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Library Birthday Books! Super Cool!

HANK THE COW DOG - a series boys 8-9-10 love and enjoy and that makes getting those AR points fun.

But, why doesn't Farmer, Jr's library have book #58 - the latest in the series. He has brought this to his wonderful/awesome librarian's attention. And, then....

I have to share another cool thing about our new district. Birthday books. The librarian will recognize a student's birthday with a book. The parent has to pay for the new book, of course (at a set fee). The librarian will then order a new book with those funds and it will be dedicated erternally to 'that child' and that child is allowed to check that book out first - on his/her birthday.

My description sounds formal but it really is cool. The child is called to the office on his/her birthday for the morning announcements and then presented with the book (of which the librarian has already checked out to that student because the librarian is totally awesome that way) and everyone else then wants to read that book (and gets the benefit of said book for the rest of its library life).

Farmer, Jr. has been nagging at me and at some times his librarian - the Awesome Mrs. Mc - that she really should have the latest in the 'Hank The Cow Dog' series. That being book 58. When we visit public libraries he checks the stock of 'Hank The Cow Dog' and compares to what Mrs. Mc has provided on the shelves at his campus. Lil'Gal checks her library shelves and has mentioned to me, to which I mentioned to her Mrs. M, the we are quite lacking on the HCD book series. Of course, the reading level is higher - multiple at 4.2 grade level and above - but still, even Mrs. M agreed that she has above grade level readers in bulk from time to time.

So, the FUN PART!

Farmer, Jr's, birthday is the exact day we return from Christmas break. So, I asked Mrs. Mc, 'Could we do the #58 in the series for FJ's birthday book donation?' She, being so awesome, said 'Of course!' But, she wouldn't be able to get it in in time the way she has to order. So, I ordered it in leu of a check to the school for a book and come return after the holidays Farmer, Jr. is going to be THRILLED to not only get to read book #58 in the series but to know that after his prodding he actually got to DONATE the book to the library for all those other HCD readers. And, volunteering in the library? Let me tell you. There are many, many, many HCD lovers. :-D

FYI, Farmer, Jr. has 80+ AR points. The highest in his class, even over the GT (Gifted and Talented) kid in his class - and I think above all the kids in 4th grade. *GO FARMER, JR!!* At 100 points, Mrs. Mc puts a student's picture on the wall of fame and the Boy and Girl who score the highest for the year get crowned AR King and Queen. He's shooting for the crown. :-D

That is my happy note that fell to my errands today that actually took me to three places, shopping, and the internet to conclude.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Happy 'No Homework' Thursday to be proceeded by 'Early Release Friday' and the totally awesome 'Winter Fest'! AWESOME. Totally.


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