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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's madness

OK, not really so mad for a Monday. Well, kinda. After losing an entire Sunday due to illness that kept me horizontal and snoozing for 24 + hours I feel a week behind. But, I managed to sneak in 9 extra minutes this morning before I wake the household to start our week. So, I'm spending it drinking coffee and babbling to y'all.

The kids get out of school on Friday, 1/2 day. But, I'm working first shift at the Winter Festival with FJ's homeroom teacher (I *heart* her). It'll be cold too. And, everyone knows Farmer*sWife don't like the cold. It's in the 50s and windy today. Tomorrow will be colder, and then Wednesday even worse. By worse I'm talking in the 30s. FW don't do the 30s. I do 95 degrees with a triple digit heat indice (did I spell that right?). I'm hoping to peek at the calendar and see that I have nothing pending outside the house so I can hole up and hibernate. [I peeked. I have a seminar/meeting with Hubby on Wednesday. Poo.]

Today is library day for both kids campuses but Hubby says since I spent yesterday supine I should probably steer away from that duty. In addition I need to make a serious trip to the grocery store - in the cold and wind mind you - and get a few Christmas items tackled.  Mrs. Clause can't do much with children tagging along so I better get to it this week.

Oh, and parties. Parties, parties, parties. Doughnuts for this, dozens of cookies for that, secret Santa over there, donations for project A,B,C here.

And bunnies. Yes! THE BUNNIES ARE COMING! Hubby will be picking them up Friday while I work the festival and let the kids throw dollars at the various booths in an effort to support the district. Be ready for lots of pics here and on FB. Bunnies are just too adorable and cuddly and they make everyone smile.

I've finished two more books over the weekend (even considering yesterday's loss). I'm shooting for 50 this year on my Goodreads page. I thought I'd read more this year but I'm at like 33. Wait + 2 = 35. So, 15 more between now and the 31st? Can I do it? I'm gonna' try.

Well, the coffee didn't entirely lift the fog still wafting through my brain. I'm hoping it's lagging from sleeping so much.

That's what I gots to say about Monday. Hope y'all have a good one!



Melissa said...

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I'm glad you got that extra rest yesterday, because you obviously needed it. Take care of yourself!


Michèle Hastings said...

i remember those days when my daughter was young and there was so much going on during the holidays... now it is rather uneventful! can't wait to see those bunnies...