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Thursday, December 1, 2011

CWCG: Game Night

It's that time again! Time for the CWCG.

And, yes. My entry is last minute again. But, I've kinda' discovered that the funnest (I know, it should be most fun but 'funnest' is a funner word) entries are when I work them up in my head last minute and click them out rapid fire!

This one came to me yesterday before I'd even gone back and looked at the words and the theme. I knew whatever the words were would work in somehow with my GAME NIGHT entry; but when I reviewed the theme I was thrilled that this fit perfectly! Be forewarned, part of it is a little cheesy. :-P

Oh and excuse the formatting; I actually typed the whole thing up in blogger and the indent key doesn't work up in here.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you November's CWCG entry:


It is game night at Kay and Jay's house; Friday nights are always game night. We each take turns hosting a night of rivaled fun. The host gets to choose the game but I was able to coerce Kay to play Charades tonight.

India has no clue what is in store for her. India is my girlfriend. We've been together since we met at the 'Plan B' 18 months ago. 'Plan B' is a bar where me, Kay, Jay, Kendal and Zack always hang out. I, being the more introvert type, have always been the fifth wheel until that St. Patrick's Day evening when I bumped into a beautiful brunette - promptly spilling my green ale all over her white Bluefly, James Jeans. I didn't know what those were, but I immediately found out from the brunette's five minute rant.

I've since learned that spilling green ale, any ale, on a pair of Bluefly jeans is the same as spewing on a pair of leather Clarks. I didn't know what those were either, until she bought me a pair. Since being with India, I've been educated in labels and fashion. India has flair. That's what I love about her.

"Hi guys!" Kay bubbles as she opens the door. I remove India's wrap to hang it in the closet, brushing her sleek, bare, olive shoulders with my thumbs. I feel her shudder under my touch. That's a good thing. I smile to myself, she doesn't know just how good it is going to get.

"Y'all wanna' glass of wine?"

"That sounds wonderful, I'll take a glass of red." India answers.

"I'll take the same," I reply.

While Kay heads into the kitchen for the wine we head into the living room. Kendal and Zack are on the couch and Jay is warming himself by the fireplace while sipping on his usual scotch.

"What took y'all so long, you guys were supposed to be here like thirty minutes ago?" Jay harasses as he pats me on the back.

"Well, you know me. It always takes me longer to accessorize than I plan." India answers, her eyes stealing a quick glance at me. We both know it was the shower and what we did in it that delayed our attendance.

"And the fog slowed us down," I add.

"Yeah, it rolled in earlier than expected this evening," Kay notes as she hands us our glasses of wine.

"Well, let's get started!" Kendal forces herself up from the couch with a helping hand on her back from Zack. Kendal and Zack have been married almost as long as India and I have been together. She was my date for their wedding. I recall the shock on my friends' faces when I walked in with the brunette who had reamed me out and humiliated a drunken me in a bar a mere two weeks before.

"I wanna win the game before I go into labor with this baby." Kendal was within two days of her due date. I know this only because India has been on the phone with her almost every day since the sonogram confirmed the pregnancy. She's fit in well with my old pals. They love her almost as much as I do.

"Okay, so we all know the rules. Nine rounds and then the 'phrase challenge round' to determine the ultimate champion. Which, by the way, will be me!"

"Hey!" Zack chimes, "There are two of us on the team you know."

"OK, we. But you know we only win because of me." She sasses as she pokes her tongue at Zack.

"Oh, that's real mature, Kendal. Are you going to teach the baby that?" I jab, getting into the banter as I poke a mini sausage with a toothpick.

"They do always win," India joins in.

I take a seat on the the love seat and she sits down on the floor between my knees, resting her head against the cushion of the seat. Having her there reminds me of something else we did earlier and I feel my pants twitch. Watching India as she takes a long, deep sip of her wine draws a little shot of electricity through my body and another twitch. My senses are in high gear, my heart beating a little quicker than usual with the anticipation of tonight.

"I'm first because I'm the pregnant one."

"I'll sure be glad when she has that baby so she'll quit using that one on everything." Kay says, rolling her eyes.

Kendal goes first. She's wiggling her fingers from above her head and then all the way down to the floor. At least as far as a full term pregnant woman can squat. She repeats the movement.

"Um, Leaves!" Zack shouts. "Fall, falling...RAIN!!!"

"That's it!" Kendal beams, "One point for us!"

Kendal resumes her seat on the couch next to Zack. He immediately, begins to rub the small of her back with his hand.

My turn. I draw a slip. Printer. Now how the hell am I supposed to act out a printer?

Kay flips the timer, "Go!"

First I just stand there.

"Come on Miles, you can do it." India prompts me. "Give me something, anything."

Then an idea comes to me. I hold my hand flat like it is a writing pad. I take my other hand and mime a pencil, pretending to touch the led to my tongue and then I start to mime write on the invisible pad in my hand.

"Writing!" India yells. "Writing a note! Drawing! Making a list! List!"

I just nod my head no and keep trying to do what I'm doing harder and with more emphasis as if that will make it any clearer.

"Times up!" Kendal hollers out! "That's one for us and zeeeee-ro for y'all."

"Not very sportsman like," Jay teases.

"Since when have I ever been sportsman like? I'm in it to win it, baby!"

I return to the love seat. India reaches for my hand and leans her head back for a kiss. The warm flavor of the wine and the tickle of her tongue make my body sizzle.

Kay and Jay are up next. They win their round, the word was lollipop. Kay did a really good lollipop and every one razzed Jay about it. The game continued until the last round before the final 'phrase challenge'.

It's Kendal's turn to act out again. Kendal draws a slip of paper, scrunches her face for a minute and then puts it on the coffee table.

"This is a hard one, but I'm no quitter so I'm going to give it my best." She nods and Kay flips the timer. She slowly leans down to the coffee table, placing her hand on it as she lowers herself on all fours. She crawls around like that slowly.

"Dog! Cat! Animal!" Zack shouts. "Horse!"

Kendal rapidly nods her head that he's on the right track and then she rises up, again using the coffee table for support. She makes a draping motion over her head, then cradles her bulging baby belly. She points to where she was on all fours and then cradles her belly again.

"Baby? Pregnant horse?" Kendal glares at him.


"Times almost up," I say. "Just a few grains of sand left!"

Kendal repeats her actions, applying more attention to the invisible drape over her head.

"Um, Oh! MARY!! Joseph...DONKEY!!!"

"Yes! Yes!" Kendal squeals and her and Zack embrace and then do their ritualistic happy dance, which is more laughable than usual considering Kendal's enlarged state.

"Un-Believable. Y'all looked at the words before the game." India teases. I kind of wonder the truth in that. Kendal is very competitive. I wouldn't put it past her.

"Now what would be the fun in that?" Kendal cracks back.

"You'd win," Jay and Kay say simultaneously. Enough of this. I'm ready for the 'phrase round'. That's where the night is really going to get good. I massage India's shoulders and run my fingers through her long locks of hair. I love her hair. I can smell her juniper shampoo.

"Let's finish this up already and get to the phrase round so we can eat." I say.

"Why even play it, we already know who's gonna' win." Kay replies. Kendal beams that huge winners grin of her.

"Yeah, lets eat. All this winning worked up an appetite," Zack agrees.

"NO." I respond, almost a little too emphatically. "If she's going to win, she has to win fair and square. Besides if India and I win this round there will have to be a phrase off." I shoot Kendal and evil grin.

"We're playing." Kendal pipes in determinedly. "And, I'm going to beat your pants off Miles Harper." I knew that'd get her. Game back on.

We rock, paper, scissor to see which team goes first in the phrase round. India and I win and go first and it is my turn to act. I planned it that way. I draw a slip of paper. I pretend to read it but I don't need to. I already know my phrase. I slip my hand from the safety of my pocket and rest it at my side against my leg.

"Aaaand, GO!" Kay flips the timer.

I calmly lower myself down on one knee. I bow as I slowly raise my right arm and open my palm where a black, velvet box resides. My eyes are locked on India's. The others in the room gasp, lightly. They had no clue what I had planned for tonight. What better way to propose to the woman I love, the India I adore, than with the friends who were there the very moment I met her.

"Well, don't just sit there India! Guess dammit! Guess!" Kendal belts out.


"The phrase!" Kay chimes in.

"Times almost out!" Zack jumps into the moment.

"Will... you... marry me?"

I jump up from where I am and embrace her, "Yes, India. I will. Will you marry me?" I whisper into her hair. She answers me with a kiss so deep I almost forget we are in the middle of my friends' living room with all my best friends watching on.

"Miles, you devil." Jay says.

"Let's give 'em a minute, guys." Kay herds everyone into the kitchen as she adds over her shoulder, "Y'all come join us when you are ready."

India and I hear Kendal complain as she exits the living room, "That was great and all, but I still win."

"Oh, Kendal." The rest of them say.

India and I chuckle together. She takes my hand and tugs me toward the restroom. I hesitate until I see the smoldering look in her eyes. Sorry Kendal. This time I win.

What do you think? Too cheesy?

You know you want to play! It's easy and anyone can participate. Just use the five words and include the theme. There is a picture that is optional (I didn't get the picture in this entry).

Click HERE for this month's challenge! (Come on, click it! You know you want to!)



Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Gal. I found that really entertaining, and the use of the theme was brilliant.

I look forward to seeing what you pull out of your hat next month.

Melissa said...

LOVE IT!! That was really good for being last minute.

PS - You're a month behind, though. This was December's challenge. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loved your story!

Chenay said...

Great way to use the words. And the story was so sweet! Miles has fallen hard. Loved it!