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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Farmer's Wife Christmas!

Santa came. Oh yes he did. And, he spoiled everyone - so we must have been very goods boys and girls this past year. GO SANTA! GO US!

And, of course the grandparents spoiled me and the Hubby and the kids too. We are so blessed.

I know I'm a little bug eyed fighting the flash; this was the best with the four of us, LOL!

I got a donut maker (so I can be super mom for the kids) and a roaster! Always wanted/needed one but wouldn't ever buy it for myself. And, a few other spoils from MIL and FIL. Mom gifted us meat - yes, straight from the meat market - yum! Daddy gifted us cash! And, Hubby went over board on me (I knew he was going to do that, LOL!)

He had a fishing pole made by John Deere duded who makes them on the side. All personalized with my favorite colors! I haven't had my own pole in ages. And, he got me a FOOD SAVER! Smokin' awesome! Y'all all know how I am about 'freeze it!' for anything. Bulk sale meat and food, left overs, etc. If I can refreeze it I'll make another meal or two out of it. So a food saver is PERFECT! I already saved the extra turkey from dinner with my mom and baby brother - to pull out in February for meals! Sweet!


Farmer, Jr.
Look at those happy, shining faces? Who wouldn't be happy opening pretty wrapped presents? (Farmer, Jr. in his new winter hat. He loves it - and he looks so adorably handsome, right? Or am I just biased?)

Now on to New Year's Eve, 2012, and the Livestock show. Whoop!

My youngins and two of their bunnies :-)

Can you believe the kids are both smiling in that picture? Sitting together and getting along? That is rare; but they are holding bunnies. Everyone has to smile about cute, fluffy, white bunnies. :-D

Here is Farmer, Jr. working on his shop project: a deer blind. Hubby is teaching him how to weld. Pretty cool.

Notice the safety gear; good boy FJ!
Lil'Gal working on her baking:

She's concentrating on her measuring. Personally, you can never have too much vanilla.
It's been a good year. We are very blessed. I wish you all a Merry end to 2011 and a Wonderful beginning to 2012. All good and bright. Blossoms and Sunshine. Butterflies flittering about your mind.

Happy Hump Day!



Melissa said...

What a great picture of the four of y'all! So glad you had a such a wonderful Christmas. :-D

Knight said...

What a great shot of the family! You all look fantastic.