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Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabulous on Friday

I so own today. Really!

I woke up knowing I own it and this particular Friday knows it too! Well, it was a little struggle at 5:01 to get my mind to convince my body to crawl out of bed. But, after that it's all down hill!

The kids have early release today - so as of noon we will officially be on our holiday break! Super Yay! Three whole weeks of sleepin' in and no 5:am wake ups.

I'll run a few errands and then pick up my kids and Les' lil'Diva and we might even head to Dairy Queen because - I'm just in a D.Q. kind of happy mood today. To which three young voices will chime in YAY!

We have to be at the high school campus at 3:pm to help Farmer, Jr.'s teacher/s set up for the Winter Fest this afternoon. This is a district wide event. And, it is going to be big and - dare 'I' say it about a festival full of masses of people - FUN! Of course, being on the first shift to set up means we also get to play early and before the rest of the world gets away from their day job. So the masses won't be so bad.

AND, more happy news! Farmer, Jr. pulled his science and language arts grades back up to Bs. So, he made A-B honor roll this six weeks. Which means no worries about 'no pass-no play' for participation in the LiveStock show. [We all know this is never an issue with Lil'Gal because she rocks school.]

THE LIVESTOCK SHOW? Yes, we all know what that means. BUNNNNIIIIIIEEEEEES!!

While I'm working/playing with the kids at the festival the Hubster will be picking up ten, adorable, soft, huggable, lovable, little bunnies. We'll come home to white fur, wiggling noses and pink eyes.

And, this year Lil'Gal gets to participate and enter!

With the livestock show coming it is time to get down and floured in baking to decide what recipe the kids want to enter. Oh, and we will be making and decorating Christmas cookies. FJ has been begging me. But as I always say - when we are on break. I run a pretty tight ship during the school schedule.

Obviously, I've had my HUGE mug of coffee and my fingers are flying across the keyboard and I could ramble on about sooooo much more but my ten minutes are up and it is time to really start this day - meaning start the family. :-D

Happy FW favorite day of the weeeeeeek! My second favorite Friday of the year!!! (Can you guess what my first favorite Friday of the year is?)



Melissa said...

Sounds like you have an awesome day planned! Have fun!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I rocked it! I ripped it! This Friday is my BIOTCH! As they say! Now, I'm toasting to it! :-D