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Thursday, December 22, 2011

What to get the man who has everything...

So the Holly Jolly, belly-full-of-jelly guy is coming in three - scratch that two days and an overnight trip.

Hubby and I agreed - okay, well I asked like three weeks ago:

"So, our watches are our Christmas, right? Because I have a really good idea but I had decided to save it when we agreed your watch would be your gift and I already said my watch would be my Christmas." [These are really expensive, you'll never need another watch, watches. And, as blind as I am at night I've been going through $50 Walmart watches like mad - I never take my watch off. I bathe, fish, cook, swim, everything with the watch on.]

Me, "So agreed? Because I can get you the other thing or something else but I know we are watching the $. So, I thought I'd get that for Valentines/Anniversary or I'd get it for you for Father's day." [It's really cool. It's a neon sign for his barn. Don't tell, kay?]

Hubby, "That's fine. Sounds good." Or whatever he said while watching his show and scanning pages on his LT.

Me, "Okay, I just don't want you to be pulling some extra presents out of your PIE and I have nothing?"

Hubby, [I think he nodded.]

Two nights ago, I think it was. I got this eery feeling that he wasn't keeping his end of the agreement. I put a Facebook post asking for MADAY suggestions. Because, he's the guy who has everything OR, he has to pick it out or give you the exact specifications - thus, he knows what it is.

I had some great suggestions. A belt - yeah, he can always use a new dress or work belt.
A Hunting or Fishing Wii game - yeah, he even mentioned they have a hunting one but then you also have to buy the 'chuck' gun attachment.
A Range Finder (that one is high dollar but a great idea)
Home made coupons - great idea, cost no $, but I tend to be selfish and he tends to turn them in when I'm not in the mood to fulfill the duty. Besides, Lil'Gal gives a better foot massage than me. (Y'all had your heads in he gutter again, didn't y'all?)

Last nights conversation:

Me, "So, we agreed our watches are our Christmas right? Because I had some ideas but I didn't get you anything extra."

Hubby, " [Smiling] Well, I got you a few little extra things."

Me, [inside, Dammit!! I knew it!!] "Oh. Well, now I feel kinda crappy." Or whatever I said that basically meant that.

So, today was supposed to be a slow day. Only appointment? Sign some legal papers before the new year. But, then the kids dentist called and was able to squeeze their appointments in during holiday break - which is way better than during the school day, or after school. And, we still have those papers to sign. And, I have to go BACK to the grocery store. AND, I gotta' get Hubby something extra to put under the tree.

On an up note, I kicked the whole family's pie at Wii bowling last night, I'm almost finished with my beta read of the new-and-improved 'The Spirit Keeper' formerly known as 'The Seventh Tribe' written by my dear friend and favorite author, Melissa L. Garrett. And, I get to bake a chocolate pecan pie for my brother and a turkey tomorrow to share with Mom and my babiest brother for our early Christmas tomorrow.

Oh, AND we are out of school through January 2nd! Rockin' Awesome! Oh, and I'm going to have my posse gals and their significant others over for New Year's Eve and we are going to have a Wii dance off and a Wii bowling off and eat lots of not-good-for-you-but-super-yummy food!

Then, I'm going to start a real exercise routine and diet on January 1st. Because I'm going to be 40 in 2012.

So, it's all good. And, I've got a plan. :-D Farmer*sWife always has to have a list, a calendar and a plan.

Happy "It's almost FW favorite day of the week AND it's almost Christmas!!"

Oh, and wish me luck on 'operation-find-hubby-something-without-getting-smothered-in-the-crowd'!



Anonymous said...

You are one brave woman going out there today!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Believe me, it is completely against my will. I was done but Hubby went out and had to be all nice and get me something extra, LOL!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

It actually wasn't too bad! :-D Got the Hubby I nice country dress belt and a checkbook wallet to match! Really cool!