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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fly By Photo Shoot

Fly by!  Tried to get this out last night, but you, hubby, bedtime.  This building below is a little fuzzy because we were moving and I took it with my cell phone.  But, it was built kind of pre-fabed.  To finish it in time for the World Hemisphere held in San Antonio in 19????  they built each room -- fully carpeted and everything -- and then placed the rooms in block stacked fashion on top of each other.
This is the view from our hotel room, but it was also the view from the pool on the roof atop the 11th floor.  Ooooooh, pretty, huh?
River walk.  Virgin daqueries to cool off the youngins.
I'll be back with more.   FYI, we stayed at this fancy smansy hotel on the River and the wireless internet?  Not FREE.  They wanted to charge me $10.56 for one day = 24 hours use.  No bueno!
But seeing as how we are on the river and downtown San Antonio, I checked out all the other networks and found one I could access for FWEEEEEEE!
I will say that I slept for flip with a sleep tumbler, a snorer, and a wiggle worm.  Poor me. :-)
Hubby's hollering!  And, we are off!  Going to see P.J. and the kids this evening for Mexican food and margaritas!  [I'll have mine with vodka though; tequila and I are no bueno!]



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

mmmm, I'd take one of those drinks too.....

Krishna said...

well, did you at least find bar stools? i need somewhere to sit!