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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Uno Pelo de Perro? Too many VTs?

I will say.  This morning I woke in need of un pelo de perro -- a hair of the dog -- due to too many Vodka Tonics at dinner with P.J. and our families.
Waiter:  "Would y'all like another round?"
P.J.  "Keep'em comin...."
And, he did.  My dinner showed way late to the point that I really wasn't interested in it any more (though, it was good for breakfast).  On the way out, I apparently got in a fight with a rock boulder and the rock won.  But, not before I got in a good lick or two! LOL!
It was a fabulous time though, visiting with my friends and seeing P.J. and her little business she has developed for herself.  The kids are adorable as always and her husband is the nicest guy.  I just love them so much.  FYI, if y'all don't remember, P.J. and I have known each other since she was four and I was six or so.  I know, right?
Earlier yesterday afternoon we did some shopping.  We DID find fabulous bar stools.  Just what we were looking for.  And, of course, they are adorned with a star -- iron backs and leather cushioned seats. :-D  
In the meantime, we stopped by a feed store that had great windmills.  I soooo want a windmill in one of our rock beds one day.  They were pretty esspeeeenseeeeve though.  So, we didn't get them.  BTW?  I love windmills.  I don't know what it is but when I see one my mind is captured.
BU-ut, there was this awesome purse -- on clearance!! squeeeeee! -- and I really wanted it.  But, I decided no.  Then, I thought about how much I deserve it :-D.  But, then I thought too much money.  Then, I thought about how good I would look wearing it and how it had a leather star, some pretty blingies and brown hide on one side.  *sigh*  It was such a pretty purse... Isn't that a pretty purse? Hubby bought it for me!!!!!  Isn't he so special!  Isn't he the greatest?!  Spoiling us on the trip, putting up with my boulder fight, and being in a good -- not gripy -- mood the whole trip!!!!
We also found a great headboard that goes with the house and theme in King Size!  Now we just have to wait until the next shopping spree when we will invest in a King Sized bed to go with it.
We hit the Bass Pro Shop.  Too funny.  Lil'Gal asked where we were.  I said, "Bass Pro Shop."  She said, "where?"  Farmer, Jr. (not on purpose) said the Bad @$$ Pro Shop -- Hubby quickly corrected him while we stifled our laughter.  Farmer, Jr., "Oh, Lil'Gal -- I meant the Bass Pro Shop." :-) 
While there, Hubby was looking at shoes among other stuff.  I found -- the clearance rack -- love the clearance rack!  And, I found some adorable shoes, high wedged heal and over the toe strap for $7.49.   Marked down from $34.00!  And, the only size available?  MINE!  Sweet!
Hubby bought those for me also knowing how I can't pass up a steal deal like that...and, they are cute and comfy shoes.
This morning we went to some friends' house that Hubby hasn't seen in a long time.  They all met in college and the two got married after graduating from A&M.  [I served their wedding cake; impromptu wedding party member -- I'm good that way, LOL!]  They are also coming for the Big Surprise, but shhhhh....don't tell.  ;-)
So they grilled some burgers and steak for lunch and we yummed it all up and visited for the day before heading back home.  We also had a few beers for which I was very thankful because everyone knows, "The hair of the dog that bit you, takes the sting away."  :-)  Shiner Black Lauger saved the day! 
It's so nice to be home.  It was a fun trip, though.  Unfortunately, I've had Barbie in my head all weekend with the "I feel connected..." theme song from Barbie Island Princess.  Can you guess why?



Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great time.. and I so love the purse

the queen

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Gee, sounds like such a fun trip -- it must have been in the air. And the bar stools are *too* cool!