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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Overwhelmed? No fair!

I'm home. For the few followers and readers who are loyal and keep my stats from going to the big fat NillO! Not to be confused with NILLA, as in wafer (which I would be glad to send you a box for free if you will seek me out and read me daily). :-D I have give away winners!! (I know, it sucks to win, but not know it and give up on hope of winning and so you curse yourself for even taking the time to enter -- only to find out 2 weeks later you DID win after you went out and bought the thingie you wanted to win because you were already so in love with the idea of having it....) ( that just me?) WINNERS? I WILL post tomorrow. Y'all are first on my blog post list as Hubby is takin' the kids to la escuela. Sheeze, school. A whole OTHER container of worms trying not to drown on the water waistin above the top soil (that's a good joke if you've been around and read me over the past year and a half, LOL! Grandpa drowned the worms I dugg up at 5yrs for fishin.... I told him so, but who listens to a 5 year old...) :-D I have three winners, BTW. For three giveaways, one that ends at midnight tonight so I'll actually be on time for that one tomorrow. *SUPER-duper-SIGH* Reality and two kids in separate grades and life and extra curricular activities and my devotion to a hot breakfast and hot dinner, homemade, 5-6 days out of the week on the table has me in a flurry after my trip and vacation.... OCD. Yep, Yep. It's great 'cuz it works. But, if all your ticks are tocking outside the clock? You find yourself rambling and strolling around the house/neighborhood/laundry room/life checking EVER-IE-THING three times and yet, wondering why nothing is done already... Because, you are a week of control freak, Super Mom, behind of the map of the daily ins and outs and schedule routines. Schedules are good. They keep EEEeeeveryone on task.
So that Super-Mom (that's ME, Farmer*sWife) can get some rest/TV time/Farkle/wine in at the end of the evening to ensure she wakes before the rest of the household to have a 4 cup caraffe cup of coffee in silence; (take in of deep breath to continue run on sentence)
....while SuperMom/Farmer*s (Awesome) Wife rebuilds her daily/weekly growing to-do list, checks her emails, posts about if the morning is swell or well, as she bakes up a Super Mom hot, protein, brain fueled, delicious breakfast for the family to eat -- during which time, Super-Mom heads to the vanity to watch the crap news of the day as she paints her face into a hope'to be fabtabular masterpiece.'s nice to be back. :-D yes, Yes. Most absolutely yes. More BETTER to come tomorrow.... shall I offer up a coffee vlog? Happy end to Tuesday Wednesday mornin!



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

YES to the coffee vlog, and we say razberry in the north too :)

Anonymous said...

I think it is definitely time to make another coffee vlog! Then I can pour a cup of coffee in a Gary mug and join you. ;)

I'm feeling overwhelmed with all that needs doing as we hit the beginning of the school year here. A month ago, I thought I would do a NaBloPoMo for September (because November? so silly, it's BUSY with holidays!!) but now I am so worn out that I don't know if I can even do more than once or twice a week in September. I'll have to make some choices here soon.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

*So* happy you're back!! My day feels complete now, in being able to read what is going on in your world.