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Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet Georgia

Georgia, Sweet Georgia -- I've got Georgia on my mind, and in my lungs, and filling my eyes, and ears and senses... Sweet Georgia, I'm sorry it took us so long to get here to visit you and our friends and family. You truly are a beautiful place to be, just as I'd visioned since I was a small child listening to Willie sing that song about you.
Farmer, Jr. is picking apples with his Great Uncle on their place in Georgia. They have their own little apple orchard. What's better than getting to pick your own apples? Farmer, Jr. would have picked apples all day. I've never been big on raspberries. The flavor just always seemed to strong to me. [Why are they spelled ras-p-berry, anyway? If it grows in the South it's pronounced razberry... Just sayin'.]
Well, let me tell you -- the manufacturers fake it wrong with their artificial flavor version. Fresh, ripe raspberries picked straight from the bushel, taste mildly sweet and wonder-ific. So, I will no longer say I dislike 'raspberries'. Instead, I will say, I only enjoy them fresh from the bushel. :-D
Ever seen a goat on a hot tin roof? Well, we did. And, you can feed them! Yep, yeppers! You place the [purchased] food into a tin bucket and then you can send it up to the goats on the roof via a hand crank or bicycle crank. The goats wait for the food and try to eat it before you are able to dump the tin bucket to the ground for all of them. THIS, of course, was a big hit with the kids. So, I have more to come. But, my internet falls between the days and places where we stay. And, we all know now that I can't upload pics from my cell to my blog [yet]. But, pics from my camera have to go directly through the LT for editing and resizing. But, it is now time to head up to the cabin and tuck in the youngins. Remember, we are on a schedule an hour ahead of Texas time. GIVEAWAYS: I know I have several giveaways with winners that haven't been announced. I apologize for faultering on that, but this trip was last minute ON TOP OF hosting the surprise 40th birthday party for Hubby that I had to jump through hoops and over hay bales to pull off without him finding out at the last minute. So, I will post all winners as soon as we get back and the kids are safe within their school walls. :-) Thanks for understanding. AND, I have lots more to come waiting at home to be posted for some lucky person to provide a new home for it/them. Happy Friday! *sniff* smell that? It's sweeeeeet Georgia... :-)



kcinnova said...

Hi, FW, it sounds like you are having an absolutely wonderful time! :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Only in the South would you put goats on the roof. ... So glad you checked in -- keep having fun.

Monae said...

Hi !!!!!!!! I live in Riverdale, Georgia and it is a nice place. I am a Georgia girl. I am glad you shared this. Georgia is sweeeeeeeeeet !!!!!!!! Do take care.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes I live in Georgia and I just realized that is one of the words we do say, rasberry and I thought it was correct. I love Georgia, I grew up here so glad you liked it also.