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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ins and Outs -- The way I tick

Howdy y'all! I know. I haven't been reading too much. Well, I do make a daily hit here and there according to how my blog roll is updated and read ya' here and there. I do also try to comment. I like to let people know I've been by. :-) I'm kinda' nice that way.
[Question: If you italicize a period -- does it look any different?]
I'm only able to read a few here and there with everything going on in between. We've had lots of activities and well, life outside the cyber world going on. [TTGL for my GPhone :-D ]
The Ins:
Birthday party at WonderMom's yesterday. Kids are currently playing with all the cool -- inexpensive -- home made party items from the Bob the Builder party. What a hit!
I should be folding the laundry (day three of saying that) - what's new, right?
I learned (well, I think I learned) how to make a DVD from pictures to play in our DVD player and watch on the full screen T.V. I say think I learned because it's currently 'burning' to a DVD. The last one only captured 15 pics out of the 84 that I scanned in to use -- so, who knows.
I knoweth what I am doing enough to Knoweth I do not know what I am doing. :-D
The Outs:
Going shopping at the thrift stores with WonderMom today. As soon as she gets the little man down she's going to sneak over and we and our Lil'Gals are heading out. I'm super hoping to find some great items for back to school -- at a nickel's price. Okay, I'll pay a dime. And, add a little ribbon here and there to fancy it all up.
[*snicker* I just answered the phone with "Bring it on." You should try it. It's a shocker.]
The Way I Tick:
So, I'm reading this book (for review, BTW) titled, "First Comes Love, Then Comes Money." It's written by a husband and wife team. Both are financial planners and have dealt with so many couples where money -- or underlying personalities and ways of thinking about money -- make or break marriages.
My Money Personality? I'm a saver. Yep. I know? Quite the surprise, huh?
[Did your drink just sneeze out your nose?] *giggle*
It hit me fully on the head yesterday as I was reveling in my $36.10 savings from the Texas Based H.E.B. store. I don't usually shop there because they no longer combine coupons. Grrrr.
Anyhow, I was trapesing through the house putting away the bottles and cans of cleaning products I'd raked in on at the grocery store. As I looked up into my utility room cabinet to place a can of Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner (next to the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Foamer Cleaner), I found myself giddy! I even clapped my hands together real fast almost bouncing off my feet.
I was excited and my heart began to race a little!
Seriously? Seriously. It was two-fold. Cleaning products (YAY!) and super savings on them (Super-YAY!). Kinda' like when I walk around in my new shoes I got on clearance last weekend. I smile every time I look down at them.
I feel....
Seriously, you ask? Seriously.
I'm a Geek Freak and I like it.
The Ands:
So the Hubster mentioned he has a birthday coming up next month. ;-D
I asked him, "What do you want to do?" We discussed some options since it's his 40th and that is a special milestone. He's pondering ideas.
On the forefront of that -- I've got it all handled. Coming together quite nicely. I'm so super stoked and counting down. Did you just hear that? (Yes, it was me squeeeeeeeee!!!-ing)
Happy Sunday! Enjoy your Ins and your Outs. And find the Giddy-Happy in the little things! I do. It's the way I tick!
[Oh, and don't forget to practice your happy dance! It exercises the moooooood] :-DD



Lis Garrett said...

"Bring it on." I'll have to try that! At least I have caller ID so I can try it out on someone I know. LOL!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

sounds like you are having a great weekend...

Sonya said...

I laughed out loud at "bring it on" and my dear hubby wanted to know what I was laughing at. We have often answered our phone as if we were an odd business ---our best one is "Spinach and Lace, How may I help you?" Stumps people in their tracks as they imagine how on earth a company could be called such a thing. Then we break the news it is "just us". lol Often they hung up though. ha.

Well, we have been celebrating my Hubby's 50th for a month. We had a friend celebration with a BBQ dinner and then a family celebration...steaks! I got him a Wii and he loooooves that. Hours of entertainment to keep his next few years smilin'! Big kid, he is.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of answering the phone the way Sonya does to throw off our next begging-for-money call (I can always tell, thanks to caller ID).

My hs boyfriend used to burst out with a "W'sup, Cool?" when he saw my little brother. One day my little brother answered the phone that way... but it wasn't the person he thought it would be on the other line. I just about bust a gut laughing! :D

I've got a couple of days' worth of vacation pics up in mosaic format at my place for your viewing pleasure. Free travel! :)

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Saver here, too. Luckily, we're both about the same, though Art will buy computer stuff without me knowing, but in the end, I reap the benefits. He trusts I know when we can spend and when we need to reel in (which has been reeling for 3 years now) :-)