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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You know I had to do it....

I had to do it. I can't get it out of my mind. So, I thought if I gave it a listen or 20 two that I would be able to clear it from my system. Back in the dead of the Southern dust bowl.... I'm missing Sweet Georgia, and Alabama too. At least I can sniff a good whiff of the Rosemary plants Hubby's cousin Paul sent back with us....and, a little sniff of that soft, damp, well fed Alabama dirt that it resides in. So, Willie has a different tone to his voice. Something about the way he sings just really hits the note of the words in his songs. And, since I had to do it; I'm going to share two of my other favorite songs by Willie.... Okay, three. :-D Well, actually, I love about ten of his songs as all time favorites, but I won't do that to you.... [They disabled the Seven Spanish Angels with Willie and Ray; Fart knockers... >:-{ Grrrrr....] Okay, that's enough Willie for now. I think I've had my fix. So now, let's have a little Whiskey for our Men and some Beer for our Horses and then we can saddle up and ride away the rest of the day. :-D Well, this one is awesome but the stupid embedding is disabled. Anyhow, if you want the story on this, click HERE for a little Beer for your horses. ;-)


Anonymous said...

We listened to my husband's Pandora mix during supper tonight: a bit of Hank Williams, Sr., Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Elvis, .... it was awesome. Maybe I will have a little whiskey before bed? It's time for a nightcap!

Jay said...

Have you ever been through Luckenbach? We drove through there one day when we went to Fredricksburg. Not a lot out there, but we cranked up the Waylon and Willie music and had a good time.

kcinnova said...

Hey, Jay -- we stopped in Luckenbach back in 1990, but with my dh's military haircut, we absolutely did NOT fit in.