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Friday, August 28, 2009

Texting and Driving: An Important Message

I found this via my blog roll. I know the second video has been in the news -- another way to try and get people, particularly teens, to realize the severity of texting and driving. And, to realize that a second, is less than a second, when operating a vehicle. And, all it takes is 1/2 a second to ruin lives... If you have teens or preteens with cell phones, you will want to share these with them. Front Porch Reviews: An Important Message Thanks, Tamra for putting these up for us.


Lis Garrett said...

I've seen the PSA, but it's something else to see how it's affected REAL people. This is just awful, but it's not limited to texting. I rarely drive with the radio on. I don't even like talking to other people while I'm driving, because it's too distracting.

Unfortunately, people don't ever think that something like that can happen to them . . .

Lis Garrett said...

PS - I should point out that I meant talking to other people in the car. Talking on cell phones is illegal in NY.

Dez said...

Yeah, I've seen those ads/commercials. I think they send a great message! I just hope that the teens (& adults too) think so, and quit doing that.
I know some adults who do that, and also read their texts, email, whatever the phone will hold, which is just as harmful as 'texting' and distracts them from the real issue at hand, which is driving!

Bring Back Pluto said...

As many people as possible need to see this. Thanks for sharing it.

Bring Back Pluto