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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I tried to post this from my phone but since I haven't done it too much and I wanted to include a pic -- the only pic I thought to take -- I waited until I got home to my full sized keyboard.
So Sweet D and the kids and I, loaded up and headed out towards the water to a nice little fish shack (okay, not a shack) with good food and ice cold beer. [Well, the beer is never really ice cold either but it goes well with the meal.] ;-D
I didn't get the girls and I didn't get my kids and I didn't get a pic of me and Sweet D and K.D. But I did manage to snap this one of Kelly and her Hubby! :-) I had to be quick though! LOL!
It was a really nice pace to visit considering the next four days are going to be worked through at warp speed between notary jobs (like the money; inconvenient when the jobs come in), back to school prep, cooking with Sweet D for Saturday (the big surprise), packing for a five-six day trip across three states - make that four as I think we make a little hike through Louisiana too -- but just in path toward Alabama.
Saturday Hubby is going fishing with a buddy (butt-crack of dawn) :-D and I'll be tending to the ins and outs of the day. I'll keep you posted.
Oh cr@p! That reminds me -- I need to holler at Wonder-Mom. I hope she'll lend me her lasso 'cuz I still can't find my cape.
Happy Wednesday! I really, really, really will be back to read y'all inbetween Farkle rounds tonight!
Happy Blogging!



Prohomemaker.Com said...

I am so jealous! She got to finally meet you! ... Best of luck for the next few days ... you'll be able to do it! Night-night for me, and big hug to you to get you through the next few days. :-)

Anonymous said...

Meeting other bloggers is so much fun! :)

aylasmom34 said...

I am so glad you had a chance to unwind a little.
Oh, got the DVD going. No worries!:)

Jay said...

All you need to do is figure out a way to keep the beer ice cold and it would be perfect!! ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

Jay, I always figure if I drink the beer fast it doesn't have time to get un'cool' LOL!

Pro-H Sweet D says you need to make a trip to Texas!

KC It really was fun; it was new for me to mix IRL with Cyber - neee-neeee... naw, they are a wonderful family ;-)