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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The "Orchard" and the "Legend"

Catchy title, eh? Let me tell you how I came up with it. Sure, cute, easy, catchy. But, also -- slightly reality.

So, today I came out as DH returned from another "mission" trip. He's been workin' hard to finish the dog run so we can get our pedros a la casa de nosotros. (I'm better at speakin' it than writing it but I think I said "our dogs to our house"...slanderous spanish).

So, I walk out from the project I've been working on (in the closet of our office) to find this going on? Hmmmm, what did he bring me?

Oooh, some land scaping? A tree? Finally, finally a tree? There had been this hispanic man who would drive along and view our home as we were building. Apparently, he sells trees. Oaks, some others, and fruit trees. Oranges. Hmmmm, note my bloggie title?

He drives this old, really old, (I don't know what year model Ford, DH does, but he's not here now) pick-up truck ['73, I think]. So, he's approached us about "Wul'd yu' like too buy a orange treee? I also have Oak trees?" He's a nice man.

Although, first time he emproached our new home (gate open, stupid me) I hit the panick button and called DH on speed dial as this person and his nicely preserved truck drove down my drive (I was appropriately, unlicensedly armed, I might ad) -- y'all know me...unacceptable to drive down my drive if I don't know who ya' are.

DH says, "Oh, that's the tree man. He wants to sell us an orange tree. Do you want one?" Oooooh, yes. My fav FIL said, "Just plant yur'self an orchard out there...that's what ya' outa' do!!!" And, immediately? I was in love with this idea. So months later and a magical kindom with a castle built upon it? Guess what?

My Orchard. Okay, so it's only one tree. But, how do you think Orchards start. The tree stork fairy pops in during the night and lays an orchard of baby trees while you sleep? NO. You have to plant them. And, in order to plant them? You have to purchase them. Foop. Always, a loop in my master plan. That damn "dinero/dollar" thing is always holding me up.

Anyhow, I now orchard. It's only lacking the lime tree(s), the avacado tree, and...hmmm...there will be others.

But, alas, my day goes on. FYI? The big "project" I was working and widdling and sewing away at in the closet of the office? "Tu-Tus!! For my friend's daughter's b-day party. Tinker bell and Pixie Hollow! So, I'm makin' the tu-tus with the sewing machine now! Woop, don't I kick some A-double-triple-@$$et!!

Yea, and Ms. Missy had to take one on a test drive. All products have to be tested prior to submission to the market. There is something with BBC or the OCD (wait, that's me) or the...what's the other one? Anyhow. This is the plainy jainy. They get way better!!!

So, To add to the Orchard but before the Legend part. Or, quite possibly these are "legendary pics." I mean, look at the view I have from the Island in my kitchen:

What is this? The sun sets and the moon is in the sky. And, I get to see both at THE SAME TIME from...the my kitchen. Told ya' DH built me a castle....Who else has this kind of view? A day ending and beginning...all at the same time.

So, the Legend. DH goes to drink some cervesas with los amigos while grilling la hambergusas and discussing cagada de lavaca/o? (Yea, on the spanish kick still. Basically, tailgates, drinking beer, cooking meat on the pit and bullshittin'. LOL).

Anyhow, kids down and I get the cable. So, the infamous, "I am Legend" with Will Smith comes on. Ooooh, I get to watch a "real movie!!" Then, it turns into "vampire town." I thought the world was bombed or something and he ended up living and was searching for others.

Yea. Vampires. WTC!? (The "C" stands for CRAP). Totally good movie? But, I'm totally? TOTALLY going to have LEGENDARY bad, sleep-mares. Poop. Super -legendary-poopville bad dreams. I hate vampire movies.

So, now I'm off the enjoy my vampire-marish slumber. Chicken Biscuits! I hate vampires.

Happy Blogging and Happy Saturday/Sunday morning!


Jay said...

Pienso que sería impresionante tener un huerto. Las naranjas, los melocotones, las manzanas y otras frutas. Yo no pienso que naranjas sobrevivirían por aquí aunque.

Eso es una vista encantadora de su isla, pero piensan que toda esa oscuridad por todas partes de noche hace me bicho. Usted nunca sabe lo que ni que rondan en la oscuridad. ;-)

Jay said...

LOL Here's what I said ...

I think it would be awesome to have an orchard. Oranges, peaches, apples and other fruits. I don't think oranges would survive around here though.

That's a lovely view from your island, but I think all that darkness all around at night would bug me. You never know what or who is prowling around in the darkness.

I love ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

jay And here I was thinkin' your all bi-tri-lingual! LOL!!

I think we can't grow apples, too hot all year. But, the others all sound yummy!

Tink said...

I dream of having fruit trees. Do you know they make cocktail trees now? No lie. They splice together a bunch of branches so one tree will grow up to three different kinds of fruit!

Knight said...

If I had an avocado tree I wouldn't ever eat anything without it. I'm very impressed with your orchard. And your view. *sigh* I'll never know those luxuries.
I Am Legend is about vampires? I didn't see that coming. Zombies maybe. Not vampires.

gr said...

hmm, plate and bowl? let me get back to you on that, thanks!
I was very pleased you visited, and what a cool blog here!

Anonymous said...

That sunset is beautiful!! and I want to come to your Orchard and eat all the fruit my tummy can hold!!