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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WHAT's it's Wednesday's Ramble

So, lots of Wednesday stuff to ramble (um, why is the 'n' misplaced in the pronunciation of Wednesday? Am I missing something?)
I'm thinkin' I better limit the Wed-n-es-day ramblin' to the time I have before I pass out to the little OTC sleep aid I take nightly (with a glass of wine) :) The only problem with the OTC sleep aid? Is that it only lasts a few hours and then like a bell on a bicycle? BING! Pops my mind awake....then it's the usual ritual so many of us do. Potty, check the doors, check the children (or pets if you don't have children, or plants if you don't have the other two)...and, hopefully? Climb back into bed and fall alseep again. Last year? It got so bad? I'd be exhausted and in bed as soon as the kids were...because I knew I'd catch those first few hours and then be awake all night. So, it got to the point that I was super drowsy driving the kids to school and sleepless for days in a row. I gave in and went to the M.D. I wanted some good ol' Ambien. But, I tried several others first because I was afraid Ambien would be too strong for me and I' d be sleep walking/living the next day. In the end? It took the Ambien to hold me all night. The instructions say, "Take IN BED..." Obviously? This didn't apply to me. Oh, and they said, "Don't take with ALCOHOL." Obivously? That doesn't mean beer. That means liquor. So, we were at Mrs. T's house letting the kids play while the adults gelled and I was having me some beers and extremely excited that I was about to have a fantastic night of sleep! So, we get home and I tend to a few things and I take my "pill" while climbing in the tub because these things always take about 20 minutes to kick in and make ya' a little drowsy, right? Wrong! It was the biggest acid trip I've ever been on!!! And, I've never done, I was still a virgin and this was my first time. It gave me 70s psychotic colorings and cotton balls raining from the ceiling. There were purple butterflies and everything was lit beautifully in rainbow style! I was in the tub and the wall started kinda vibrating and those little stickem's that keep you from slipping in the tub were crawling up the wall! It was cool. Oh, and my belly button was talking to me and the water was deep, pretty aqua! It was so facinating that I yelled for DH to bring me the phone and he did...can you believe that? So, I called Mrs. T and rambled on in acid trip fashion explaining to her how those stickem's were climbing up the wall to my tub. By the time I got out of the tub and dressed? Their were cotton balls falling from the ceiling in all types of vibrant colors and the fake flowers were blooming at me and the whole house was going "whoosh, whoosh, whooosh." At that very moment I realized that everything was right and well with the world...

So, DH is figuring this out as I'm trying to catch cotton candy falling from the ceiling [the pink lemonade were the best] and this is what happend next:

DH: "Wanna' have Hanky Panky?"

ME: "But their are cotton candy balls falling from the ceiling!"

DH: "So?"

ME: "Okay, I can eat them while were pankyin'."

Apparently, I was really good. But, I don't remember it. I just remember the cotton balls and cotton candy.

[Oops, got distracted by the weather's like a drug to us farmies, "Slight possiblity of a little bit of rain, maybe, possibly...oh, and, some wind......" ] Is he serious?? Holy Crap?! I'm still here? Are y'all still readin'?" Good. Cuz' Daddy leaves me with the funniest of comments you could leave with any person anytime. Daddy: "Hey Gal! Guess what? " Me: "What, Daddy?" Daddy: "Blah, blah, blah blah, I'm as happy as a [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]!" He was really happy. Okay then...I think I've said just about enough. I'm stumblin' over the keyboard so I better say "Buenos la noches Ladies and Gents...." Lights out and, Happy Wednesday!


Tink said...

I love me some Ambien. I used to have real bad insomnia. I would take an Ambien and then try to watch TV. The fun started about ten minutes later when my roommates tried to get me to carry on a conversation. Apparently I wasn't making any sense at all. :)

Knight said...

Oooh! I need to get some of that. Right now I take some sedatives but they don't do anything. Sounds like you had one funky trip!

Jay said...

I have a real desire to try this little Ambien/Beer combination. It sounds like a lot of fun.

I've tried OTC sleep aids and they basically have no affect on me. Just like things like NoDoz don't have any affect on me either.

NyQuil puts me right to sleep though. Weird huh?

captain corky said...

Sign me up for some ambien too. Should I smoke it or snort it, that is the question...

Anonymous said...

ummm My umm Comment was eaten by ther blogger Angels again!!! GRRRRRRRR!!

I love Ambien, I makes me think I have slept for a couple of days straight!

I am a major insomniac and It gives me that sense of peace! I could go on and on about sleep, but ummm I need Ambien first! LOL!!! Your daddy's comment was Off the Hook!! LOVE HIM!!

have a great weekend.. and check out the google link story on my page.. Glass half full is on there!!

R.E.H. said...

I'm as happy as a homosexual under a dick tree!

LOL! That one had me laughing. I gotta use that line myself ;)

BTW... is this post backdated or something? I am sure I was here to collect the sentences for my "3rd" story on the 1st, and this post was not here then...

Now, I got your sentences from the wrong posts... hmmm - well, there's no turning back now!

Knight said...

Hey lady? Where have you been?

Krishna said...

Oh Farmer*s Wife, where are you. come out and pplllllaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! Watch out, i'm gonna surprise you soon!