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Thursday, April 10, 2008


So, I have some fascination with telekenesis because all my life I have had dreams with the recurring power of telekinesis. I tried looking it up in a dream book but the ones I have do not mention it. The dream may include different people in a different location but it always involves me moving stuff with my mind. Pencils, a spoon, flipping on or off a light switch, closing a door. That kind of stuff. And, yes, I can levitate myself in my dream. It's really hard though, takes a lot of concentration and I typically wake up the next morning with a headache. That is usually where the dream ends. I guess because my mind is completely weakened from all that concentrating. My mom and I used to get those ESP games when I was a kid. The idea is that you look at pictures and symbols on a card and then the "sender" concentrates on it and the "receiver" then sees it in his/her mind and tells the "sender" what message was sent. Pretty cool! There were also cards with smells (fruit, etc.) to mentally send a message. You would close your eyes, smell the card and think about it. The next thing you know the "receiver" tells you what fruit it is. (No, they can't smell the card). Mom and I were pretty good at it. I think I was a better "receiver" than sender, at least with her. Curiousity has me considering finding one of these games (if they still make them) and trying it out with DH or a friend. I also think I'm going to add "trip to the library" to my list of "to dos" to check some good stuff out about this. They just built a new fab library (took'em forever) so that will be a good excuse to check it out. Anyhow, as I've recently had this dream again, it got me thinking maybe I should really check out more about this "power" I have in my dreams. I googled a little and found this. Thought you might find it interesting too. Mind you? It's man made telekenesis, but still pretty cool. So, what do you think? Well, that's all for now. I've got some work and projects to finish (oooh, I did make some money yesterday -- notary business kicked in a little for me. And, money is always good. Too bad I can't mentally move more of that into my pocket. Although, some positive thinking about work and money might bring me some....hmmmmmm) Anyhow, Lator Gators and Happy....(concentrate really hard and I bet you can read my thought that finish this sentence)!


Scottifer said...

That's weird sis. I have a similar dream sometimes too. You ever look at your phone just before it rings or reach for it for no reason just to have it ring? Maybe we're both retarded....Thanks again Dad. LOL

Knight said...

That's a pretty cool toy they built. I would like to try it out. I remember spending summers with other kids where we would use playing cards and try to read each other's minds. It never worked though. I did believe I had the ability to make it rain if I set up a proper rain dance.
Lets see if I can get the ending...
Happy Hunting?
Happy Hippos?
Happy Trails?
I give up.

Scottifer said...

Happy Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday!! You are talking about mind control! HMMM I have not researched that so there is nothing I can really say about that! LOL! I will be studying it in class later I am sure!!