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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WWC: 04-01-08; Era and Shiny

WWC time again. I thought I'd have difficulty with "Era" but it ended up being quite easy. So, much that I could almost over do it. Shiny actually became a little harder because there are lots of shiny things but I couldn't find a whole lot of "unique" items to click at.

So here is what I have to offer:


My Grandparents on my Daddy's side were from a different era. Part of what makes up the history of me. I loved listening to my Grandpa tell stories about when he was a kid and driving the "Model T" and getting into trouble and stuff. I mean? How many of us will ever get the chance to drive a Model kids may not ever even learn about it in school.

Shadow boxes from my children's first six months or so. Reminder of the era they in which they were born. Gosh they sure grow fast!

These guys didn't live to see the next era. But, they are beautifully preserved and will be passed down through generations for lifetimes of eras.

This Bible was my Papa's. My Mom's Daddy. It has large print as he had trouble reading smaller print. My Gramm gave it to him for Christmas in 1975. He passed away in his mid-fifties so I didn't get to know him very well as I was still really young. But, I still remember some of the silly little stories he would tell me. And, I remember where he kept all his candy hid.

This Bible is 8 1/2 by 11 inches and about four inches thick. It's bound in a leather like vinyl (I think) and has a padded cover. It's a really nice bible. It will be a family heirloom for eras.

Shiny Era

My wedding ring has a shiny diamond. It marks a lifetime of love, friendship, devotion, and so much more. One day it will be passed down to my daughter, and then to her daughter and the bond it represents will last through the eras.

I also have my Gramm's first set of wedding rings. They didn't have any money when they got married so the gold is about wore through. It is a tiny little set. I plan to shadow box it. My Papa did later buy my Gramm a great wedding set.

My Gramm always asked me what I would ever want when she left this world. I always told her her wedding ring. When she passed my Mom gave it to me. I wear it every day.

Shiny Silverware

We received this set of silverware as wedding gifts. We only used it once or twice on a special occassion at the old house. When we moved? All the crappy silverware went to the yard sale. I sware food tastes better eating it with this silverware.

My "shiny" range top. I luuuuuuv to cook here. Notice the red light? My vent-a-hood has a heat lamp. How cool is that?! This is a gas range top so now I can actually start canning some stuff. Did I mention how much I love this thing?



Tink said...

I think you kick this week's words ass. Well done!! I really love the shadow boxes.

Anonymous said...

You did a lovely job! I love how you have preserved your memories! I need to start doing something like that now! Pass it down to my niece.

Oh I love to cook also, and would cook forever on your stove!!!

Catch ya later and Blessings!


Knight said...

This was such a sentimental post. Thanks for sharing! I love the angle of the diamond shot. It looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

Have a great day, I am sure we will meet up over at R's Later!!!


g-man said...

Very cool!!! Well done. I'm groovin on the 6 burner!! My wife would kill for that there. She has already planted the "we need a new kitchen" bug. :)

Newt said...

Talk about getting distracted by shiny things - that stove is awesome!

Very nice Era too!

R.E.H. said...

Great pictures this week. And I too thought Era was going to be tough, but ended up shooting quite a few pics of it.

Well played!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Well done!

Chatty said...

The picture of your grandparents - the shadowboxes - the Bible - all lovely examples of era! The mounted heads - very sad but also fitting. And this week we BOTH did silverware - but I used my stainless because the "real deal" isn't polished up nicely like yours. Finally - I WANT your range - I am positively drooling over it! Ah! to have a gas range again - I'm stuck with an all electric house, and the only upside is that the ceramic cook top stays beautifully clean with minimal effort. But your range is a piece of sculpture in addition to having - is that SIX burners or a griddle in the middle? Either way - gorgeous! Can you tell I love to cook? Well duh - that's probably why I'm chattycraftycook!

Jay said...

Oh yeah! You totally kicked everyone's butt with those pics this week! That was a brilliant idea for "era." I have a bunch of old photos of family in a plastic container under my bed. I never even thought of it. Well done!

And I really love that range too!

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks y'all!!! Really!!!!

Tricia said...

Nova....I think you have too much time on your hands....You want an extra kid or two....or three?????

Just kidding. I am glad you can find time for your creative outlets...which you are awesome at, by the way. LoL, Tricia

captain corky said...

Neat pictures. I like the one of your grandparents. I also like your stove and your rock. ;)

Krishna said...

Wow, you have so many blogger friends--I'm jealous. Maybe I need to try the WWC. BTW, where the heck are you. you are starting to become a slacker like me!

Naughty Lakota said...

i likey the dead deer heads alot. Really. And the family photo too.

Range tops make me break out in hives. ~wink~

Tink said...

The Spork Award goes to anyone who comments during the week of my blogoversary, which I believe is in December. But I'm thinking of doing something with sporks for everyone who collects spork points. Maybe a cool award/banner/button? I dunno. Got ideas? :)