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Monday, April 14, 2008

Door Knob day

So, today is door knob day. Meaning, I realized the door knobs needed cleaning. Because, someone left them sticky....hmmm. Wonder which someone that could be (have a pretty good idea it's the someone with a sweet tooth). We have 24 door knobs (inside). And, while cleaning the door knobs I generally clean the surface of the door in the grooves and stuff. You'd be surprised how quickly dust can accumulate there. If you don't stay on top of it? One day? It will have moltened into the paint...and will not be removeable.

I know this from the cute little quaint house we formerly lived in. It had been residence to a few families over the 25 plus years. Some were better house keepers than others. Either way? Those grooves and corners? Uncleanable....always looked grungy. Drove me nuts!

Anyhow, along with door knobs go the light switch face plates. I've been to some places and houses and I think the face plates have never, ever been wiped down. Not that it my business. I know I'm a freak about some of these things. But I still can't help but think of how many times a day house hold members touch these things. And, with not always clean hands. YUCK!!

Anyhow, we have 40 of those inside. [Outside are DH's responsibility :) ] So, while doing the door knobs, light switch face plates and the doors themselves? Well, typically a dusty, splashed on, or somehow otherwise dirtied base board will be found. So? NOW, it is door knobs, doors, light switch face plates, base boards day.

Know what this is? It's called a "Flying Turtle." Ever play on one of these as a kid? They are fun (even as a grown up). Anyhow, last time I cleaned the base boards I had to do the tushy schooch around the house (either that or break my back leaning down the whole time, or my knee caps). That time, I about wore a hole through the back side of my britches....tooshy schootchin' and all.

So this time I got smart!!! I placed my bum on the flying turtle and "Fred Flinstoned" myself around the house with rag in one hand and spray cleaner in the other! Too fun and too fast!

But, when doing the base boards? There are always the corners that the mop, bissell, vacuum might miss because they are too tight to get into. And, like the door faces? If you don't stay on top of these little corners...the dirt will eventually molten itself to the floor and base board and no scrubbing machine will remove it. (I know, I tried everything in the old house).

See? This is one of those tight corners. We have multiple of those around the house. So, now it is "Door knobs, doors, light switch face plates, base boards, and tight corners cleaning day." But, no problem. I was rolling my way through on my son's "Flying Turtle." And, having a great time while I was at it.

Now that all of that is's on to the laundry. Loads of it to fold. I know, your tired of hearing me strum this tune.

Anyhow, that's how my days go. They start out with the list and the calendar of events and then they grow into a whole lot more. But, technically? Since it was really only door knob day? I'm way ahead on the rest of the week [smiley-wink!]

Happy Cleaning, Happy Monday! Oh, and have you cleaned your door knob(s) today?


Jay said...

You can solve the dirty doorknob problem by installing Star Trek doors to every room. That's what I'm going to do when I build my dream house.

Knight said...

Wow, you really counted? I never thought it could happen but you just made me happy I live in a closet. That leaves me with a total of four knobs to clean and usually only me touching them. I have to give you credit for the turtle creativity. You really do have superpowers.

R.E.H. said...

Seriously... you must post a vlog of you riding around cleaning door knobs on the flying turtle! That would be awesome!

Door knobs... good - you remind me - I should clean those one of these days ;)

Anonymous said...

AngelPOWER~ That is what it is on that Flying turtle!!!

I think that is an OCD of mine, cleaning the doorknobs prolly because I think Everyone that uses them are going to get me sick! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

You make me wish I had a flying turtle. THAT would make housework fun! Those doorknobs and light switch faceplates seem to attract grubby hands. And all those grooves in the doors? Arrghh! I live in a 30yo house with 4 boys...'nuff said.

RED said...

So weird!! I just wrote a a post kind of about the same thing then checked the clock, had a little time to meander, and came over here to catch up w/ you. And you are writing about baseboards and swithcplates too!! (twighlight zone music playing :)