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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Secret Identity: Things ya' didn't know about me

Yea? So things you didn't know about me. Some of y'all are prolly (Cinder-single term: see my bloggie roll) thinkin' "What? I thought they were Charlie's Angels..." But, NO. Chalie was just a character in a T.V. show.

"I" "AM" an Angel!!! Whhoooop! (But, then...y'all all know that right????) LOL!

See? There is this Ramblin' Madman we all like to read. And, he's so there and shares everything. And, then there came along, unknown, "unsigned" anonymous person who crapped all over our Ramblin Man's self analysis -- Ramblin' Man (in my bloggie roll) is always a good read. He's always honest about "it all." Sometimes his honesty may be on a satyrical level about himself, but? He puts himself out we all do.

After all, what is bloggie world all about, right?

Anyhow. A few of us GALS, got a little "PREE-terbed" in comment world and we shared our disliking for said negative Orafice-Burn (look it up under my terms.) And, thus, low and behold, (Knight officiated our TEAM logo, and) we became....wait for it....Legend--dary--R.E.H. ANGELS!!!

We carry weapons, we are trained in multiple types of "martial arts," we know a lot about cyber safety, we can kick some cyber @$$, AND....we also carry (or maybe it's just me) a whole lot of crazy, crazy ass scared woman -- when needed.

The lovely Knight of "Knights Natched Up Ramblings" (again see my Fav bloggies list) developed this Fantabulous Logo for us. I'm thinkin? I might have T-shirts made. Possibly? Even a cap or sun-visor! After all? I'm an "ANGEL!" I'm a bloggie star!!!

WE GALS "So Totally Rock!!!' [Happy Cheerleader dance, bounce, peace fingers...and all that!!!! y'all know me!]

Oh, so, um....Happy Dia de los Madres. And, um, Happy Sunday!!!

ANGEL POWER??? Kick some Cyber @$$!!



Jay said...

Maybe you guys can make a movie too. And a sequel. And don't forget that those Angels in "Charlie's Angels" spent a fair amount of time wearing bikinis and one even danced around in her undies. You can choose which one does that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I am so happy to be an angel with you!!! LOL!! You and Knight ROCK!!! Knight hooked us up that that logo!! HAHA!!! LOVE YOU 2!!!


Knight said...

Yes the logo! We make a great trio of Angel kick-ass power. And to think it all started with our beloved, recently turned vampire, REH.

You know, Jay doesn't have a bad idea with that whole movie thing. Just sayin'.