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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yea, Baby! TOOT my Horn!!!

So, all in all? I'm all giddy with the feeling of, "I SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!" I almost even named this post that, but then I thought bloggies might decide not to read, me sounding all vain and full of love for myself, LOL!

So, let me run through some thingies that'd be goin' on over here on da'farm.

See this? I know it would look way better and you could see all the stitching detail I did with embrodery thread and stuff if I had scanned it. But, I was lazy, still haven't loaded the software I bought six months ago to "stitch" scanned pics together, and I was in a hurry to get this thing in by the deadline:

[FYI, I left all, or most, of the pics in this post at full are pretty large so you can click for a closer look! ;-) ]

I'M A WINNER!!!! Yep! I won this months layout contest at our local little Scrapbook Paradise! FYI? My second win! $25.00 gift certificate towards store merchandise!!! Whoo-HOOO!

Hey! YeaAAA! New computer desk, finally! We really had a little crap together set up before we found one we wanted. [Notice the sun set out the window?]

So the picture doesn't do it justice with those cords still hanging and all. But, one step at a step at a time.

Lookie who graduated from "Kindergarten!" Isn't he handsome in his cap and gown? He was so proud to get to wear this.

Here he is at the ceremony....being'a Ham, if I might add.

And, here too, .

Last? You just can't beat a new pair of Tennie Shoes! These babies are like walking on air with little air pillows in the heal and along the gait of the foot. Pleasingly priced too at $39.00!!!

Happy Saturday!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the scrapbook win! I'm a simple gal with 4 boys, so no froo-froo on my pages at all, but I have a friend who does all that extra work like you do. It amazes me!
And what kind of shoes are those? Because I might need to buy me some.