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Friday, May 23, 2008

If it ain't one's another.

So, like I've been saying? The Final Countdown. Today is Field and swim day. The kids have field day competitions and then after lunch they get to go swim at the pool. My kids are ecstatic! Swimming so rocks!!! Of course, personally? My kids aren't allowed anywhere near a two inch puddle a large body of water without ME there ready to dive in and save, if necessary. FLASHBACK to Saturday: Saturday was Aubree's fifth birthday. The tea party. Later that afternoon? She begins running a low grade 99.5 fever. It goes away. This continues through the next several days until she is running 103 at night and has missed three days of school (the week before the last week of school). Being the smart Mom, and there being no other symptoms -- I diagnose her with a Urinary Tract Infection and the doctor confirms my assessment. No contagion, antibiotic to eliminate fever and eventually cooties in the bladder -- doctor releases her return to school. FLASH FORWARD to Yesterday: Aubree's first day back at school. Pick up kids and notice on the way home that Son's eye is red, watery and irritated. ME: "What happened to your eye?" SON: "It happend on the playground." ME: "What happend? Did you poke it?" SON: [shrug] ME: "Did you get dirt in it? Did you scratch it? Did you hurt it in some fashion?" SON: "I don't know." ME: [To myself....I'll eye drop it and see how it does....we already missed one T-ball game due to a "suppos-ed" tummy ache. FYI? An extended trip to the restroom solved that issue...too late to make the game, though.] THIS MORNING: Time to wake and ready for school. Kids are joyful about swimming. ME: [to son] "How's your eye?" SON: "It feels much better." ME: "GASP!!! Oh, no. Now both eyes are red. Chicken Biskets! We gotta' go to the eye doctor today." SON: [whiny] "But we are supposed to go to the swiiiiiii-iiiiim party today?!" ME: "We'll see what the eye doctor says." Notice how I put the fault off on the eye doctor? Pretty sneaky, huh? All in all? Yeppers. Con-junc-ti-vi-tus. Cow Poop! 48 hours of isolation from other children. 48 hours of constant hand washing, and lysoling every thing children can touch (in other words, the entire house). Not only no swim party? (For either child because the Pre-K can't go without a parent and this parent has to stay home in quarantine with the son.) But, we also had to cancel the afternoon dinner play date with Mrs. T and her crew. No play date for the kiddos and no play date for Mama or Daddy either. Chicken Biskets! I sware. If it ain't one thing....[you know.] Happy Friday! [The Final Countdown of the Final Countdown.]


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pink eye.

Chicken Biskets!! What a great explecitive (or however it is spelled).
I myself like to say "Cheese Whiz" (the old fashioned kind that came in a fat sausage and squeezed out a button in the middle. GROSS!!)

Anonymous said...

Always blame the doctor. After all, he orders the immunizations, not you.

(and yes, I do have doctor friends, why do you ask?)