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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Final Countdown!

Okay, so technically? Next week is the final countdown to the end of this 2007-2008 school year. And, I mus say? As happy as I was for it to begin? I am just as happily overjoyed, or more, that it is coming to an end. Next week we have Monday, Field Day and T-ball game that afternoon; Tuesday, Toy Day, and T-ball game which we have to miss due to Kindergarten Graduation (cap, gown, and all); Wednesday, Pizza Party day (I'm bringing the pizzas again and the guy had better not screw up this time), Thursday, early release day and last day of school. Yea, they get out at 11:00 a.m. I'm thinking that due to the fuel costs? I might ask the Principal if we can just "call it a day" that day. Unless their is some other form of end of year celebration. I am soooooooo looking forward to less scheduled, free days of slumber, random cleaning mixed with random play time. I've actually been "craving" to scrapbook. And, I've organized the scrapbook closet and even prepared some supplies for the kiddos. I plan to do lots of "random" things this summer. Not spontaneous? But, peacefull and non-time demanding. I love SUMMER!!!! Anyhow, in due respect? The following two songs have engulfed my brain. Yes, when I awaken in the morning and even as my mind drifts off to sleep (greatly encouraged by that little OTC pill) these are the songs that play in my thoughts:
You have to actually click on Pop-Out Player there above I believe. I've added a couple of playlists before but for some reason the codes don't always work when I put them in my actual post. Go figure. Anyhoo? Happy Thursday! [Next Thursday will be truly happy! ;-D]


Jay said...

Because of the fact that I can't go anywhere during the summer without teenagers being all over the place, I've decided that I support year-round education. 2 weeks at July 4th and 2 weeks at Christmas is all they need. LOL ;-)

Knight said...

All day with the kids? I can't wait to hear what kind of shenanigans they get into!

Farmer*swife said...

jay Yea, right now it is nice to have the summer since DH is on the combine and so the kids can ride (the son rides all day long and can give lessons on everything about grain/cotton).

Oh, but I agree about the teenies everywhere!

knight I will probably be over joyed for about two, maybe four weeks? And, then, it will be the countdown to my few free hours 5 days a week again! LOL!

Nah...but, I am sure there will be lots of shenanigans to bloggie about!

gr said...

(why say, you added my name up there to your blog link list! tahnk you!)

Farmer*swife said...

gr Wow, you are very observant!

But how could I not? I mean, You're the "Potter's Blog!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, summer comes early! We are in school until the end of June 17th. :(

Just think, when your kiddos are teens, they'll be out doing farm chores...heh heh heh...

Enjoy your scrapbooking...I'm so far behind, nothing is organized!

toxkmibt...what kind of captcha is that?!?!?