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Monday, May 19, 2008

Later that day...the Package.

So, after the "tea party" and all the fun and all the guests left, me and Mrs. Les were hanging out on the back porch enjoying the wonderful weather and just catching up over a glass of wine (or two). The Lil'Gals, my Angel and one of her FF (Fav Friends) Miss Ali, were playing dress up and Barbie and all that goes with that ;-).

Meanwhile.....DH embarks upon the back patio with a "package."

DH: "What's this?!"

ME: "Oooooh, my whacha'macallit or my other thingie I ordered!! Yea!!"

DH: Who is G. Rith?!!!! [do I sense a small amount of agitation or concern in his voice?]

ME: "That's Potter's Blog who made the salad bowl/plate for Papa Schroeder...I bought it through ESTY, remember?"

DH: "NEW YORK CITY?!?" [He sounded like the Pace commercial, LOL]

ME: [While Mrs. Les is enjoying our banter,] "Honey, I'm sorry. That's actually my lover. I fake the whole not flying thingie. I fly out twice a week while the kids are in school...."

DH: Still standing there....he didn't buy it. LOL!

ME: "OKAY!'s a sex toy. I read about it in bloggie world and thought I'd try it out." [Mrs. Les still watching, listening and trying not to smirk].

DH: Still standing there.

ME: "What? Did you need something else?"

DH: "I wanna' see what's in the box!"

ME: "Bring me a box knife." He does and I open the box. I pull out this beautiful peice of art/pottery -- a dish. Out of the mind of Papa Schroeder and into reality by G. Rith. He will be soooo pleased.

Oooooh, and Potter Rith sent me a surprise!!!! Lookie:

Pig on a stick!!! How did he know I love pencils??? And, a cute little ceramic piggie on top? Perfection!

DH: [Exits into house. Apparently, disappointed. Guess he was hoping for the whole sex toy thing, LOL!]

So, I'll fill y'all in on Papa Schroeder's reaction when he gets his little giftie ;-) In the meantime, thanks gr (click here to check out his stuff/blog). And, be sure to tell your wife that the size is perfect. Both bowl and plate.

Happy Monday!


Knight said...

GR Makes some amazing stuff doesn't he? I love that Pace comment. New York City! Way to tease him with the sex toy talk.

Farmer*swife said...

knight I know! DH was sooo curious that I just had to string him along there. And his "New York City" was like I ordered it from Russia or out of space! Too funny!

Jay said...

You should order a sex toy now just to tease him some more. LOL

That's some really beautiful pottery. I love watching potters work. I would like to try it sometime too.

gr said...

(I, um, live as close to NY city as West Virginia, NY is a big state)
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
Glad it arrived safely!
Hey everybody, I know her real name and address, and you can have them both for a small fee.....

gr said...

btw, Knight, thanks also--OK, I posted it too, I said you couldn't be repeated on a family friendly blog, so you KNOW my readers are gonna come over here and check you out

Anonymous said...

*snicker* What?? Gary makes sex toys?? With pigs on them!?! *snicker* (I think we just ruined his stellar reputation.)

Seriously, FM, I got to looking at that plate so much that I've ordered a bunch of plates & some bowls from him.
Isn't his stuff so much better looking when you actually have it in your hands? I mean, it's lovely to look at online, but in real life that is some gorgeous pottery!
Papa Schroeder is going to be so pleased! :)

Hope to see you back at WWC this week.

gr said...

thanks KC!

Anonymous said... Gary thanking me for the pottery compliment or the ruining of his reputation?

Jay started it!! (just in case your kids haven't used that line yet today)

Farmer*swife said...

LOL! Y'all are too funny!!

gr Your not actually holding my secret identity for ransom? Are you?

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!!

Tink said...

Hoop's always getting packages from Ebay. They're mostly old collectors cards (like Garbage Pail Kids). He's a dork, what can I say? When they arrive he always acts like I'm dying to see what's in the box too. But I'm not. It must be a dude thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hubby and I try to see who can receive more packages sometimes. I love presents and he just likes to buy stuff.

How's the Etsy thing going? I keep forgetting to email you when I have privledge to use the computer shrine.

gr said...

well, farmer's wife, for a not small fee I can stop selling your real name and address....
(I think Jay was planning to visit you guys this weekend, actually....)