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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cow Poop

She was woken 15 minutes before she actually had to crawl out of bed. Apparently, the little one had an "accident" and needed sheets and clothing tended to. Her body was still aching and her ears, eyes, and sinuses were on fire. With all the effort she had, and a helpful tug from the little one, she managed to fall out of bed. The little one tended to and the, handled, she crawled back in to bed with the little one by her side. Thank goodness for those last 12 1/2 minutes. [The sound of bare feet approaching] "Honey? You told me to wake you at 15 after. Something about putting something in the oven?" Oh, yea. I'm making sausage quiche for the teachers at school today. It being their appreciation week and all. Once again, she forced herself to fall to the floor, her feet and legs barely catching her. Had her upper torso made it to the floor? She never would have left there. Into the kitchen she groggily, foggily, achingly wandered. Coffee...that will wake me and soothe the raspy rawness of my throat she thought to herself. [Flip, went the light switch...brightly on blinded, burning eyes.] Hit the fridge, pull out the half prepared delacacy for the teachers. [Crack, went four eggs along with the sound of milk.] From somewhere a fork appeared and it seemed the ingredients were being beaten together. MMMmmmm, I smell coffee. Two sinus cold pills and two cups later? She realized that two cups were not enough today. But, it was too late to make more. Kids fed, dressed, lunches packed and backpacks loaded, the hot quiche sitting and smelling wonderfully in its warmer.....she was off. Off to tend to the day. That day that wouldn't, couldn't stop. The coffee began kicking in and the allergy pills too. Things aren't so bad....I'm waking from myself and my aches are....well, manageable. After all, it's only a 99.6 fever and everyone knows that "doesn't count." At least not in Mommy World. Children at school, teachers fed, tank fueled, unexpected stop to pick up the Fav MIL, drop her off with the SIL, purchase MIL's Mother's day gift, handle work assignment for the day, make the item returns to appropriate stores, pick up daughter's birthday present....pick up the rest of MIL's present....finally back to home. When I get there I am surely going to fall to the couch. No matter what....mess, duties, it will all wait for I must rest. Right. This is Mommy World. She slithered out the door of the SUV (thank goodness it sits up high so she could just melt down the side step) and into the house bringing only the special purchase from the meat market (they have fabulous ribeyes, expensive, but fabulous) that was to be part of Fav MIL's gift. Throw it in the freezer....hit the couch with soft snuggly blanket. Now almost dozing...[GROWL!!!!!] Oh, hungry. Can't rest with a grumbling tummy. I'll eat and then? I'll lay down for awhile before I have to pick up the kids. But, the T-ball pants had to be washed and dried for the game tonight. And, the beds hadn't been made (remember the Little one's accident before dawn?) And, there were still all the items that needed to be unloaded from the SUV and put away and/or gift wrapped. Luckily, tomorrow is Friday. Mommy's one off day. Oh, wait...we are working the school bar-b-que...the all night cookin' kind. No day off this week. The world never stops in Mommy World. I feel like Cow Poop. But, the world doesn't stop for Cow Poop. It'll spin around it, over it, even through it. But? It won't stop. [Groan] Happy Cow Poop....


Knight said...

Sounds like you cold use some help. You need to get some rest before the fever gets any higher. Mommy world is scary.

gr said... it time to try triple shots of espresso?

Jay said...

I'm glad I don't have to live in mommy world. It sucks there. ;-)

Get better soon!

Chatty said...

Oh, I so feel for you - but your post had me laughing hysterically anyway...; ) and you write so inclusively and well - we can all relate to such a day, mommies or not! That phrase about "melting to the ground" from the SUV is a particularly good example of your way with words.

But while I was never a mommie, I am now a grandmother (go figure), and the grandson spent his first official overnight - i.e. without his parents - with us a bit back. I was worried, because he's not quite 5, and while I was perfectly prepared to have a crying child wanting to be taken home in the middle of the night (which The Wiz and I would have done, if necessary), and while I had gone out and purchased a "waterproof pad" that hides discreetly under the mattress pad in case of little accidents (because face it, the fact that I adore my grandson doesn't mean that I'm willing to ruin the brand new mattress in the guest room), I was still afraid that he would HATE being at Mimi and Papa's house, and would never want to come back. Thankfully, that didn't happen. He was particularly impressed that Mimi made him his favorite breakfast sandwich the next morning (two pancakes with butter, syrup and peanut butter in between. He also wanted chicken in there, but thankfully for Mimi's stomach, she didn't have any chicken on hand). He also loved that Mimi let him watch two episodes of "Dinosaurs" with his breakfast. It's good to be the Mimi!
In any case, just having a 4 1/2 year old for the night, and keeping him happy, made me realize how much mothers go through EVERY DAY, and makes me appreciate you all the more!
So, I stopped by to say that I hope your husband and children spoil you rotten tomorrow, because you deserve it. Happy Mother's Day!

Farmer*swife said...

chatty Thanks for your comment! And, yes, 4 1/2 is a busy, loving, needy age ;). But, they often are easy to please...Peanut butter pancake sandwhich? I might have to try that one with the little ones.

knight, gr, jay Mommy world isn't so bad. It's actually pretty fantastic cuz' the highs are so high! But, feeling down under? Nope, doesn't fit into Mommy world. They should have a vaccine for Mommies against every bug a child could bring home.

Things are bloomin' so I really thing it was allergies. I'm better now though.