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Monday, May 19, 2008

Tea Party Anyone?

So, this Satuday was my Lil'Angel's 5th birthday. We decided to celebrate this year with a "tea party" including some manicures and pedicures.

Decorations were in place....tea sets out....

It cost me an extra $6.++ to adorn the chairs in tulle. My "tinker-bell" came in and ooooohhhed and aaaahhhhed at how "beautiful" it made the room look. [Totally worth the $6.++. Oh, and you know I'll put that tulle back to use in another project.]

Obviously, for a tea party there is a special dress requirement...

They're all dolled up and making their "place cards" for the table. Tea Parties have a seating arrangement, you see. ;-)

A little spa soak is always nice before we get our "tonie nails" done...and, even better with a friend.

Then it's upstairs to the "spa...."

Those are our salon experts now. Painting away...notice how Little Miss Ali is waiting patiently for her finger nails to dry....(I think Aubree is calculating the bill on the computer -- this one is on Mama baby girl.)

I guess it might be nice to actually have some "tea" at a tea party.

Okay, so kiddos don't care for tea. We had pink lemonade and apple juice. But, it tastes just as nicely served from china tea pots and drank from little china tea cups. We also had fruit and chicken salad sandwhiches.....but, the Gals were holding out for cake.

This is Aubree's cake. I also made little single sized cakes for the Gals. But, go figure? I didn't get a picture of them all layed out? We had applesauce cake (from scratch). It was quite yummy....well, we adults liked it. Some of the Lil'gals weren't totally impressed. Hey? I was trying to make it special.

Do you think she's going to lick those candles?

Absolutely! Afterall? It's her party!

She liked it! That's the most important, I guess :-D

All in all? I think everyone had a special time.

Happy 5th Birthday, Angel! You're my Number One Gal!


Knight said...

You did such an amazing job. It's a perfect little party for a princess and Aubree looks like a little Cinderella. I can just imagine her face when she saw the room all decorated. Magic!

Farmer*swife said...

Thanks knight! You are so great! It's always so nice to pop into the computer room for a peak? And, I see I have new comments!

(I think you are often my first comment)...and a few bloggies you are the only one that does comment -- thanks for that too!

Anonymous said...

That looked like great fun. The cake was beautiful...I should show you the one I made for a pretend birthday party last weekend. You probably would laugh till you cry. AND IT WAS FROM A BOX NO LESS!!!

I can't cook.