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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Married Life: A date night?

[Last Night] So, we are all happily celebrating that it is the last night before the last day (3 hours to be exact) of school before summer break! Me and the Lil'Gal take ourselves a big, steamin', bubble bath. She is ecstatic and I enjoy the warmth on my back (it was tired from picking black-eyed-peas and a box full of squash, amongst the million other chores). Kids get a little extra video time cuz' it's the last night before the last three hours of school. DH razor shaves! DH brings me a toddy! DH reminds me that the son is waiting for me to tuck him in when I get done pasting my face with every form of cream and putty I can get my hands on moisturizing my skin. I head to son's room and he makes the usual request, "Will you lay with me?" And, I make the usual response, "For TWO minutes." So, I climb in and lay there and he rolls over to fall asleep. I'm counting down the seconds in my mind and I think I'm at 1 minute and 24 seconds left to go. Gosh, my eyes are heavy though. So, I close them....then I wake and I have about 55 seconds left to go. I open my eyes again but, DANG, my contacts are stuck to the back of my brain. I'll have to pry them out, rinse them, and then put them back in again. So, as I get up I check the time with the backlight on my watch. Is that 9:30? 10:30? What time is it? 4:30AM!!!! Yikes! I fell asleep. I stumble to the bathroom to peel my contacts from my eyes so they can have an hour or so of rest. I see the toddy DH made for me, it's room temperature now and no ice left. I grab my water cup and head to bed but have to move something in order for it to rest on the bedside table. A candle. DH had candles. I climb into bed for my last little bit of slumber and I ask DH, "Why didn't you come get me?" He replies, "I did....but, you were asleep..." Poor DH. So, tonight I'll be making someone a nice, hot, relaxing bubble bath. And, I'll be serving up a toddy. Tonight I'll be the one with the razor shave. Tonight? I'll be lighting some candles and probably throwing in a foot rub (the one I would have gotten last night). Yeah, that's married life. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Happy Thursday!!!


Jay said...

It took you less than two minutes to fall asleep? That's some serious tiredness there!

Farmer*swife said...

jay, yeah, it never takes me long to fall asleep. The issue with me is staying alseep.

After the 4:30 wake up I was still sooooo sleepy but couldn't completely fall back asleep.

My mind was running through the evening, the plans for today, kids last hours of school, DH waking up at 5:30 and then I was worried I'd fall asleep and not wake at 6:30 a.m. so I just climb out of bed around sixish.

Knight said...

Such a sweet story! I love it.