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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life to the 3rd Power (and late WWC)

Howdy Y'all! Gee-wizz, has it really been a week? A whole week? Since I've posted to my bloggie? I knew things were busy, but come on? I mean, this is me, right?

Well, apparently, life has exploded -- make that imploded -- and there are remnants and rubble left all over my house! My house is a mess!! Yes, MY HOUSE! Somewhere between Friday and now I am waaaaayyyy behind.

A couple of you noticed I was missing. Thank you for looking out for me ;). For the rest of y'all? WTH? (Just kiddin'!)

DH fogged the house so now all the mirrors and floors have a film -- and you know what? The little fruit fly buggies are still here....I think they have multiplied and have undergone a chemical/genetic mutation and are impervious to pesticides. Actually, DH said he used a house friendly (non-toxic and natural) fog for them.


Ummm, don't we believe in toxic germ/bug warfare around here? DH has the college degree in farming and bugs? But, I have a degree in chemicals and I can tell you that it's gonna' take the toxins to get rid of these buggers!

Earlier this week, I tackled the laundry that had exploded all over my living room...only to turn around today to find five more loads oozing from the utility room. (Where does it all come from?)

On top of all of this? Murphy's Law has kicked in. Yesterday I was somewhat achy and sinusy...allergy like and all. Today, I wake up feeling all medicine head, and my sinuses, my ear canals, and my throat are all on fire. Not to mention the fever in the eyes. I'm running a low grade fever, you know, the 99.5 kind. Leaving me totally functional yet feeling like trampled horse manure. Damn Murphy!

On a Fun Note: Friday night we had the annual Farmer Appreciation dinner and "Casino Night" that a local tractor retailor provides. Whoo-hoooo!!! This is my one most favorite night of the year! They feed us steak dinners, give us some free booze and then let us gamble our hearts out to win tickets for drawings for lots of free prizes!!! CRAPS is my all time favorite. Every year I stand at the same table with the same stick guy and "casino employees." They always take good care of me and send me on my way with a few extra tickets in my pockets (both for booze and for prizes).

On a Suckie Note: I didn't win a damn thing this year. Chicken Biskets!! Previously, I've won a portable DVD player (which was wonderful on the 12 hour trip to Arkansas with toddlers in tow) and the next year I won a set of golf clubs and sold them for $150.00!! (Mama needed some mad money and Mama don't golf.)

The other biggest thing that happend this week(end) was this:

Yeppers! Mason lost his first tooth. He was, of course, ecstatic as his school chums have been loosing teeth left and right. I hid my sulleness at the fact that he is officially full out boy now. No more baby, toddler, little boy. He's a full out's kinda' scary.

Saturday we had T-ball [AGAIN] first thing that morning. Then the "Annual Fair," then errands. We stopped to eat here:

This is the smallest little hole in the wall ran by a fairly young guy. The food is fantastic! Primarily mexican food but also homemade staples like, old fashioned hamburgers. Oh, and his hot sauce? I'd give it an A+. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's as good as mine. Different flavor, but just as yummy.

See the joy on her face? It's because we are eating at Julio's Easy Stop.

The rest of Saturday flew by in a cleaning (go figure) frenzy and a batch of Potato Salad for a bar-b-que at Mrs. T's the next afternoon. Sunday flew by with church, CCD, a birthday party, then that bar-b-que that afternoon/evening. FYI? We totally forgot to serve the potato salad. Mrs. T later noted that it was rather tasty and she/they'd be happy to keep for themselves :o).

Monday didn't stop either, until we got home from T-ball at almost 9:pm and then washed and bedded down the kiddos. Tuesday was the same with errands, school, Teacher Appreciation week and breakfast and gifts, homework, another T-ball game....

There's my little red sox now. I'm his number one fan :)

Anyhow. Here is my WWC, 3 and fire.

3 burners, burning.

Hey? At least I played.

So the rest of May is pretty much over booked and we will continue to live life to the 3rd power....but, come May 29th? I'm taking a big fat break....Lazy summer days are soon on their way...

Happy.....what day is this?



gr said...

alright Mason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big tooth on its way, huh?
I wonder if your little girl really likes the hot sauce too????
and I missed your posts and visited a time or two but hadn't written a comment, but now I can say welcome back

Knight said...

Awesome T-Ball picture of Mason. He does look like he is growing up fast in that one. Busy busy life you lead.

Krishna said...

Maybe you need some fox toxins to get rid of the bugs!!! LOL. I hope mason's tooth fairy brings something special for the first tooth!

R.E.H. said...

Ha! That was a short and sweet WWC I must say!

There were a lot of nice pictures to look at even if only the one belonged in the WWC.

How do you have time to blog at all with all that going on?