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Monday, May 26, 2008


Hi! Happy Memorial Day!

[Though, my kids have school today and DH has to care for the crops and I, of course, work 24/7...but, I'll take a little bloggie break ;-D]

Anyhoo, in remembrance of Memorial day I'd like to count the blessings and freedoms I have. Little things that just wouldn't be if we didn't live in our beautiful Nation, USA. I respect and remember each soldier who has fought for our freedoms. But, I also remember family members who have passed and I like to remember how blessed I am in life.

With that said, Happy Memorial Day!


Y'all know I like to revel in the little things. So, BLEEEEEP!!! Yeah, I suddently realize I have sensored my language! (Okay, that sounds like a loss in the freedom of speech. But, actually, it's an improvement of speech).

See? I have found myself wandering along and something comes up like, something is spilled, something is broken, my favorite show is cancelled, some one cuts me off in traffic or just, typically, drives too dang slow. You know, those little things that often cause explicatives to fall out of our mouth.

But, I realized I was replacing those explicatives with BLEEEEP! Just like on T.V.!!!

IT WORKS!!! It so totally works!!! [Regretfully] I used to find such relief when completely frustrated in using the He!L or the F*!$ word (usually under my breath), and a $H!T would slip in here and there accidentally....oh, and also? Bitchin.' And, I don't mean in, "Hey, that's a bitchin' truck!" I mean as in (as recently quoted by my son), "If Daddy saw that he'd be Bitchin!'"


[Editor's note: Though it sounds like it, I am not a curse-a-holic. And, I'm usually very good in front of the kids. But, still there's gonna' be an occassional slip and children will be sure to catch it....and repeat it.]

"Bleeeep!" Who Knew! And, it works with anything!!! Holy Bleeeep! What the Bleeeep! Son-of-a-Bleeeeeep! And, when your doubly upset, Mother-Bleeep! Bleeeep!

It can be used in a sentence: "Hey! Get your Bleepin' BLEEEP of the road!" Or, "Who the BLEEEEEP does he think he is?!" Or, "Where the BLEEEEP is my [insert item here]?!"

Anyhow, you get the point. I'm just sayin'? You should try the "BLEEEEEP."


HIP! HIP! Hooray! For Lime-A-Way! So, there have been the ghastly water spots accumulating on the glass in our shower. I tried, Amonia, and various cleaners. But today? I tried Lime-A-Way!!!! WHOOOP! The spots are gone! Yeah, Baby! I did the Happy Dance!


My daughter calls them "Brown-Eyed-Peas" and we think it's cute and she'll eat them if they are Brown Eyed vs. Black Eyed. So, brown-eyed-peas, they are. Picked from MIL and FIL's garden...and the kids helped me shuck them. What a great thing, right? For them to watch their food grow! We also have sweet corn, squash and tomatoes so far, YUMMY!


Last year my Dad bought all the grand-kids B-B guns. Now, YES, I do believe my kids are too young to have a B-B gun. But, Dad was going through a divorce and it was getting cruddy and so I caved as I knew it would make him feel good. [FYI? DH keeps the B-B guns locked away and they are only used under his and my extremely careful supervision.]

So, DH set up a little shootin' target with hanging cans and plastic apple juice bottles. He then provided superb instructions and supervision. The kids loved it! What a freedom! To walk out back and target practice with a B-B gun!


Here's the cotton crop at the house. I just love how it's all straight and orderly in rows. It's so beautiful to drive along the highway and watch the rows of cotton and grain spin by.

The other morning the sun was playing Peek-A-Boo in the clouds.

Happy Memorial Monday! And, don't forget to try out the BLEEEEEEP!


Dianne said...

This Bleepin' post was chock full of bleepin' fun!

Love the pictures from the farm.

My son was given a BB Gun once, ONLY once. He shot up the bathroom - shampoo everywhere and the gun was retired.

Krishna said...

You love the crop rows because they are so orderly--right?

Payne has a BB gun also at the in-law's house. he loves it. He also has a single shot 22 which was a gift from great grandpa--it was great grandpa's great uncle's gun.

Anonymous said...

Grow, cotton, GROW!!!
And those are lovely peek-a-boo sun & cloud pics. :)

Why in the Sam Hill (my kind of BLEEEEEP!) do your kids have to go to school today?!? I know it's a private school, but I thought you were in TX, yes? When we were there 6 years ago, only the ISD's had to follow their own schedules. Homeschool=Private School, and the school district had NO SAY over the private schools. Did the rules change in the past 5 years?
Really, I'm not shouting at you. I do admit I'm on a soap box right now, because it always irks me when the state or the NEA steps on my freedoms. Grrrrrrr..........

Okay, I'll take a deep breath.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Memorial Day post. (Oh, and BTW, all 4 of mine currently attend public schools, so I'm not anti-public schooling. I'm just sayin'.)

Jay said...

I used to work with a guy that said "beep" instead of cussing. He would say "Un-bleeping-believable!" when something would go wrong. We always laughed when he did it too.

The cotton rows do look very neat and orderly.

gr said...

hey, look at that back patio, when are you inviting us all over????

Anonymous said...

I want to live where you live. I have to wait nearly two months yet just to get a mater.


Tink said...

When I was little I had a BB-Gun and a wrist-rocket sling shot. I LOVED it when my Dad would take me out to use them! This is something your kids are going to remember forever. :)