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Friday, July 31, 2009


Hubby:  "Let's go somewhere this weekend."
Me:  "Where?"
Hubby:  "I don't know.... (pause) we need bar stools"
Me:  "Okay but where; we need a PLAN.  Not a four hour drive with kids in the truck to end up nowhere having done nothing."
Hubby:  "San Antonio."
Me:  "Okay. Hey!  We can see P.J. and the kids!"  (Now I'm happy about the trip).  Whatever shall I pack?  And, for me, for the kids... 
Fee up the guinea, feed up the Dulce, charge the G1Phone, charge Macxine (oh, who am I kidding -- she's always charged and ready -- I rarely close the screen! LOL!)
What to pack:
1) Macxine
2) GPhone
3) Cannon Rebel Digital
4) Charge cords
Since when did I become so "technified"?  I can't stand to be out of touch.  And, now that my Blog Buddy drug me (along with the rest of the world) to FB -- I have yet another addiction.
Did you know I can twitter, chat, text, FB and blog -- all from my phone?  And, while listening to music via headphones on the Gphone.  Sweeeeeeeeet!!
Oh, yeah.  I guess I need to pack some clothes for the kids and myself and maybe a snack and a pair of shoes...  Almost forgot the menial stuff...  :-D
I'll pop a photo shoot either from where we end up staying (hotels have wireless, not sure about my friends) or when I get back Sunday afternoon for sure.  Wait, I think I can send pics directly to my blog from my phone -- maybe I'll sport that camera a little more too!
Have fun Peeps!  And, don't forget my two giveaways going on right now:
Free copy of Precipice; adult romance novel written by my sweet friend, Lis!
Free copy of Dear Peppers and Pollywogs, the book everyone needs if you have kids and do their birthday parties, graduations, and other party type events!
Next week I have a giveaway of $100.00 gift certificate to Eye Buy Direct!  The frames are so great, even the stars are wearing them!  :-D



Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Make sure you pack your sandals or shower shoes--I know you have that thing about the floors in hotels....

Farmer*swife said...

Gary ;-) U know me well!

[Commenting frm my ph!] ;-D

Debbie Yost said...

I love San Antonio. Have fun!