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Thursday, September 16, 2010

If they can do it, I CAN TOO! (Be published?!?)

Many of y'all know I really enjoy multiple forms of being creative.  [Even though, I've only scrapped two pages and a couple of cards this year as far as my paper/scissors/glue fettish goes.  And, the sewing machine didn't get much attention over the summer.]  And, I enjoy writing and reading myself too.

Previously, I was working on writing assignments for a course I signed up for (following the lead of my writing idol, Lis) and I had also finally started a WIP of my own.

(WIP: Work In Progress. :-D  Makes me feel all important like I can hang with the cool kids, even if I am in the outside of the circle.)

May was soooooo hectic that I actually had to request a leave of absence from my course, which I am allowed to do, and I basically took the summer off.  I also gave up writing for DS for awhile (which ended up also lasting the entire summer).  And, I didn't pitch any articles or ideas -- well, anywhere.  I was burned out.  From school stuff, and volunteer stuff, and 'kids with busy schedules' stuff.

I didn't even get around to writing a blog post for over a month at a time.  Now that just ain't right/write!

When FW slacks in blog world you gotta' know there is some sort of mental virus wreaking havoc in her mind.  Of course, we did travel this summer, A LOT.  Frio River, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas.  Unfortunately, I didn't get my day dream trip up to New York like I'd imagined in my mind.

Anyhow, in the meantime I did keep up with Lis's projects and edits, and revisions for her WIPs in progress.  And, I happily participated as part of her critique groups for the two projects she was fully applying herself to.  And, while doing that I stumbled around the blog-o-spere and came across a lot of other authors.

Some e-published, some in print, some on their second or third WIP and some about to be in  print.  All the while, I'd read up and get excited with/for them, and 'follow' them and bookmark their blogs.  I'd read their books.  I keep thinking to myself, "Why aren't I working on anything?"  I mean Mac (Macxine's replacement since her hardware became senial) can't write a WIP him/itself.

[Mac is my laptop.  Macxine was/is definitely a female personality.  Mac is a guy.  And, he's cool.  And, he and I work well together managing the keyboard, the mouse, the wireless activities, desktop, photos, documents and all.  I *heart* him.  But, I digress (what's new, it's me, right?)] :-D

So today, while avoiding sorting the socks I finally clicked on a document and opened it up.  I had to blow on the letters to make them words again, kinda' dusty in that electronic filing cabinet.  Anyhow, I read through it and started fiddling here and there and then later I walked back up to it  (After a break to pick up the kids, exchange the rental for my Chariot -- now fixed and brand new like again) and I  gave it a read through.  FOUR chapters now.  Still some glitches in transition and what to put where so the flashbacks/history aren't a page long at a time, but four chapters.  And, I thought to myself...

"Hey, this is pretty good!  This might actually turn into something."  I even laughed out loud at something I'd forgotten I'd previously written.  Now, that says something right?

So, I wanna' join the band wagon.  I want to be in the with cool kids.  I have a WIP and I'm going to widdle away at it.  I might not query it out for print.  But, in the least if I could e-publish something.  Get it out there; find it in GoodReads and maybe at Amazon.  Well, that wouldn't be sayin' something -- that'd be DOING something.

Doing something is a start and it takes a start to be able to have a finish.

So, all your writers! I'm on board! I'm joining the movement! Be my BWF (Best Writer Friend)!  Follow me and I'll follow you!  I'm along for the journey!

I'm going to finish this because:

"If they can do it?  I can too!"  WHOO-HOWDY-YEHAW-HOO!!!



Lisa said...

Oh I will follow that journey for sure, I missed your postings!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Thanks Lisa! I'm hoping to steal some time this afternoon once the kids are home and freeeee for the weekend to work on it some more!!

I'm excited!

Prohomemaker.Com said...

To be honest, I never got into fiction writing (or even reading it, for that matter). My love has always been biographies. But good for you for getting on the horse. :-)