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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday's Photo Shoot (Gal and Diva)

Yesterday was so awesome!  I ran with the day in the bestest of moods!  Les and the Lil'Diva came out yesterday afternoon for a play date.  The Lil'Gals had a blast and Les and I hung out and imbibed some vino.  She'd had a hard [super suckie] week and needed some R&R in Farmville.

Anyhow, Lil'Gal had just lost her second top tooth and has that double toothless grin; and Lil'Diva had lost her bottom two teeth -- so we did a Gal's and Grins photo shoot!

Zoom in to see the missing teeth!  Oh, and we called Brandi out of the picture but she just walked back up into it!  She wanted to be part of the shoot (more likely, she just wanted the attention). ;-)

Now you can see them better.  And, actually Lil'Diva didn't 'lose' them both together.  Her big girl teeth were coming in behind the baby teeth because the baby teeth just didn't want to leave their happy home in her mouth.  So, Dr. D pulled those suckers out! ;-D

Aren't they just adorable??????

[Chicken breast, baked potatoes and green beans were on the menu; serve classy with juice packs!] LOL!

Les was trying out my camera.  She's shopping for her hubby's birthday present.  (Oooh, I think his birthday is tomorrow, BTW).  My Hubby's birthday is next Saturday, in case you were wondering.  I'm clueless about what to get him... besides the usual. >;-)

Les playing with the camera and Gals being silly!

Here is some more of that!

Farmer, Jr. "Take a picture of me!"  He wanted me to capture proof that he does eat his green beans.


The house was cleaned squeaky yesterday.  The boys are at the barn or elsewhere doing Daddy and Farmer, Jr. stuff. Lil'Gal is in my room watching the boob tube.  So, I think I'm going to enjoy some peace and quiet with a good book on the back porch.  [Eh, okay.  I'll get my pie on the treadmill for awhile with the book instead.]

Happy Saturday!


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