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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kid Conversations: The Accident

Okay, so several of y'all know I was rear-ended about two weeks ago.  NOT my fault though at first the officer so directly pronounced it my fault.

Thank goodness (and the Lord) that the deaf driver of the other vehicle, along with his three passengers, (I had no one as my witness) validated my story word for word in his own words.  100% covered, their insurance is picking up the tab for my vehicle's repairs (their vehicle was totaled; trailer hitch on my part).

Anyhow, I've been totally rockin', rollin' and gonna' get Mama one enjoying the rental (a Suburban, and in white!  How did destiny/fate know?  Optimism!  Will it to ya' y'all!) and as I was on my way home from the Big City I hate the big city, the city is where/why I got rear ended...grrr crap diddly after Farmer, Jr.'s pediatrician appointment and we had friends on their way for a Friday evening play date.

I call said friend, Les (with Lil'Diva in tow) and inform her that I am now on my way home (with 5:pm Friday traffic).  Hubby had let her through the gate and into the Castle.

Lil'Gal:  Diva won't play in my room without meeeee, will she?

Me:  I think Mrs. Les will tell her to play in the playroom till you get home.

Lil'Gal:  [Excited] Mama go faster!  Faster!  Fast, fast, fast!

Me:  Lil'Gal, I'm going as fast as I can while still driving safely and obeying the speed limit so I don't get a ticket.

Lil'Gal:  Oh yeah.  Because if you break THIS truck, you'd have to PAY FOR IT.

Me: [Giggle, and ahem!!!?  Excuse me?  The other accident was TOTALLY NOT my fault] Yes.  I probably would.....

Kids.  They say the darn'dst things and... well.... get away with it.  Kids and elderly....  Hmpft.

Happy (tomorrow is Hump-Diggity Day) Tuesday!



Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

FYI, it's way funnier (and insulting) when i tell it in person with voice inflection... Ha Ha! [Wait, not!] ;-)

Anonymous said...

My boys will never let me live down my one and only speeding ticket. In Texas, of course. Because "they got big long roads out there." (Name that tune!)