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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last Night's Dream: No Misoli

It's lunch time so I'm taking a break to catch the news, watch B&B, and write a blog post.   Anyhow, last night I had the strangest dream.  I had a strange dream the night before last also, but I can't recall anything about it other than waking up thinking to myself, "What a strange dream."  That was during the four hours I slept on the couch.

And, No.  I haven't been taking any OTC aids to sleep.  Well, last night I did take a Valerian Root at the reccomendation of an Occupational Therapist who was a friend with the group we were with at the Frio this Labor Day weekend.

Anyhow, I had this dream.  I was sitting at a board meeting, I believe a school board meeting, and like IRL this was a school we were waiting to have our children transfered into.  They were already accepted but not to start until the next semester/six weeks/unit.  But, in true faith, me and Hubby were already participating on the board and getting involved with the school.

So, we are at this meeting and the President or Secretary brings us up to speed with the topic on the table.  (There were two, but the other one was way weird, had to do with water under the buildings, and that's about all I can recall.)

So, "The item up for vote is that we should get rid of all the clocks." 

Me, "That's a dumb-@ss idea!" (Yes, I said ass in my dream)

Hubby is on my left and he smirks as the man to his left says, "Hey!  That's MY dumb ass idea."

At first I apologize, "Oh my! I'm so sorry...  [then I think it through] ...I didn't mean to be disrespectful but that's still a stupid idea."  Hubby is giggling to himself, knowing I hold my own and though knowing I can be more tactful.

Apparently, this guy is head of the 'go green' organization in our area [and also a parent on the board].  He says, "We'll start by eliminating the watches.  Most kids forget theirs or lose them anyhow."

"Besides," another guy pops in, "the kids carry their Laptops so they can always look down at their screen to see what time it is."

"Yeah!" says another parent.  "And, there are clocks in the each classroom and in the halls.  They don't need watches."

"Your missing the point," says Dumb@$$ idea guy, "first the watches and then we'll wean out all the clocks.  The kids won't need them so long as they follow their Misoli around."

Now, in my dream a misoli is this thingie bopper that helicopters around the head of each student thus keeping them aware of the time and on time.  But, it is stupid.  And, rediculous.  Senseless.  In my mind, these people should be admitted to the loonie bin.

So, Dumb@$$ idea guy continues, "think of all the energy we'll save buy removing all the clocks, watches and other means of keeping time..."

Me, "There is no way in hell I'm voting for that.  That is the stupidist idea I've ever heard.  How can you say that clocks and watches use more power than a misoli.  Watches and most clocks run on batteries."  Secretly I can tell there are parents who are so glad that I am there because they agree and were being basically forced into this decision because they are too afraid to speak up.  Going against the grain can get you black listes, and cause reprecussions for your kids. 

Well, apparently that doesn't affect me becuase there goes me and my big mouth. ;-)

As the dream comes to a close (I have been popped awake by hubby's alarm -- neither of us get out of bed) I recall receiving a tour around the school grounds as the second issue is explained -- which in my dream is also horse cr@p.  Even Hubby says, "They wanna' fill that in but the water will just wash it back out.  They don't know what the hell they are thinking."

As we wander along the campus, we meet a teacher here and there and some are in favor and some totally against ridding the time keepers. 

All I say is, "I'll be damned, but my child is NOT walking around with a misoli around his head!"

I googled Misoli today (masoli) and apparently it's a he, not a thing, and he was/is a football player.  I can honestly say that I have never (at least conciously) heard the term/name, misoli. 

 Strange...  Anyhow, Happy almost FWFD of the ?????????  (Squeeeeeeeee!)


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Prohomemaker.Com said...

Those OTC pills do it for me, but hey, it's my only option.

Truly very strange.