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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kiss Me Deadly???

As usual, I was driving along yesterday on my way to pick up the kids from school and I was skipping through my fav XM radio stations.  That'd be Blue-Collar Comedy, Prime Country, the 80s, the 90s, and The Pulse.  Typically, between those and three local country music stations and one rock -- I skip back and forth until I find something worth listening too.

When the kids are with me and finally get frustrated with me for doing this, they request that I plug in the iPod and choose a selection from our downloaded favorites.

Anyhow, this song came on:

And, as I listened to it my mind played back a video of some of my favorite paranormal vampiric and otherwise kiss scenes.  Some from movies and some made up in my mind from a good book I've read.  Why this?  I don't know.  My mind runs about three to five channels playing across the inside of my forehead at all times so I never know what I'm going to find playing up there.

But, what is it about the paranormal character?

Is it the animal magnetism?  Is it the strength hidden behind that lean, sculpted body?  Is it the chiseled facial features?  Is it the fact that Hollywood makes them up with make-up and plays that sensual music befitting to that particular scene?  What is it about these characters that invoke such passion?

They ARE all, unique, one of a kind, and dangerously forbidden.  [I totally think it is the dangerously forbidden thing.]

Maybe it is kissing scenes like this one:  

(You know I totally had to put that scene in here).

How about Bill and Sookie  [Sooooookeeehhh, I love the way he says her name] >;-D

How about ERIC and Sookie (yeah, Sookie gets around a little bit in this series)...  In all fairness, who can blame her, when Eric is such a striking viking vampire dude???  Just wait until the show introduces Quinn.  [SMOOOKIN', just sayin']

What about spidey?  So, he isn't so masculine but rather holds some of that wholesome, boyish charm.  Still, the upside down kiss is pretty cool, right?

I mean, can YOU do that???

And, we can't leave out Wolverine.  He's pretty easy on the eyes and bad@$$, if I do say so myself.  (I do say so, myself)....

And, of course there's our boy Jacob.  Though I'm totally Team Edward, I still love me some Jake.

[Look, he's all wet from the rain.  No worries, Jake.  Come on in and let FW get you a towel....] ;-D

I don't know exactly what it is.  But, I like it.  I've fallen prey.  >;-D  And now that I have wasted almost an hour of my time cruising the internet for pictures of kissing and shirtless hot boys, I'm off to pop in a Twilight DVD and quote it word for word while still mesmerized by the awesomeness of the triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob.

Next week I think I'll be renting season 1 and 2 of True Blood (again), and season 3 as soon as it is available.  >;-D

Happy Hump-Diggity Day!



Kelly Dawn said...

oh goodness - i LOVE that song - and dont smack me - but i have NEVER seen any of those shows...or read the books...none of them...

Stephanie said...

Me neither..except for Spiderman. I am just not a paranormal fan. But give me the up-against-the-wall scene in the Notebook anyday!! One of my all-time fav kissing scene ever!!